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Hobie 14 Turbo Help by Andy on 09.08.2004
     hobie 14 turbo help by Simon on 08.02.2005
Hobie 16 by Possibly insane on 09.08.2004
     just do it! by go for it! on 09.08.2004
          Hobie Purchase by Chris on 10.08.2004
Hobie Nationals NOR and entry form by Ruth on 08.08.2004
Belium hobie tiger nats by jesse dobie on 04.08.2004
Crew needed for day one of Nationals by JON on 02.08.2004
     crew change by rules on 02.08.2004
          crew change by Ruth events sec on 03.08.2004
hobie cat 16 trampoline by Steve Miles on 01.08.2004
     tramp by tramp man on 02.08.2004
          trampoline by steve miles on 02.08.2004
               Tramp by JON on 02.08.2004
                    Spot the typo! by Jon on 02.08.2004
                    cheap sailmaker by no way! on 02.08.2004
                    tramp again and new question by steve miles on 06.08.2004
                         Tight tramp by Jon Worthington on 06.08.2004
                         Cats in Scotland by Chris Browning on 09.08.2004
Camel Week Open Series - PY for H16 vs Dart 18 by Jeremy Greaves on 25.07.2004
     dart / hobie by handicapper on 27.07.2004
     Camel Week... by Anonymous on 06.08.2004
HOBIE 16 by Gerry McMahon on 25.07.2004
Class training and cat intro days - July by Webmaster on 18.07.2004
ISAF by Chris Mansfield on 16.07.2004
New mast base by Ianc on 16.07.2004
     mast base by dave on 17.07.2004
          mast base by ianc on 19.07.2004
For those who order anything from Russia by seNse on 15.07.2004
ISAF Youth Worlds by Congratulator on 14.07.2004
     still there! by congratulator on 15.07.2004
Hobie 16 -new price by David Jones on 13.07.2004
Hobie 16 for sale more details by Ryan Crawford on 13.07.2004
     Hobie 16 for sale by George on 06.08.2004
          re hobie 16 for sale by Ryan Crawford on 09.08.2004
Tacking by Amish on 05.07.2004
     Training by Dave Cooper on 06.07.2004
          Please help by Amish on 06.07.2004
     Tacking by Bobby G on 12.07.2004
          rudder up by beg to differ.... on 12.07.2004
               rudder up? by maybe....... on 14.08.2004
                    toe out by Nonsense!!! on 16.08.2004
Loch Ness Catamaran Race by Chris Browning on 29.06.2004
     Lock Ness Race by Ianc on 06.07.2004
          Loch Ness Race by Chris Browning on 06.07.2004
INTRO DAYS by Cookie on 29.06.2004
     Sailing in the midlands by Lindsey on 05.07.2004
TRAINING - 10th/11th July 04 by Cookie on 29.06.2004
Hobie 16 mast by spencer on 29.06.2004
     bit of mast? by get real on 29.06.2004
          mast by spencer on 30.06.2004
               Bent Mast by Webmaster on 05.07.2004
                    mast by seriously on 05.07.2004
                         2 Piece Mast by Hobie Old on 06.07.2004
                         dented mast by spencer on 23.07.2004
                              Why use hobie cross section? by Yikes on 23.11.2004
                                   because.... by ???? on 02.12.2004

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