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Hobie 16 for sale by Ryan Crawford on 22.06.2004
Hobie 16 for sale-after hobie nationals in pevensey bay by ben burns on 22.06.2004
     Spelling mystake by Kearnsy on 22.06.2004
          website by web checker on 23.06.2004
Invite to Hobie Tiger Europeans 2004 - RCYC Ireland Sept 15th - 18th by Yvonne Sheehan on 16.06.2004
Hobie 17 Trailer by Gavin MacBean on 15.06.2004
     Interested in Trailer by Julian Osborne on 05.08.2004
Herne Bay by Dave Cooper on 15.06.2004
Batten tension by Dave on 10.06.2004
     battens by el tensioner on 10.06.2004
          Batten stuff by Dave on 11.06.2004
               jib by el tensioner on 11.06.2004
buying a hobie by hobie buyer on 07.06.2004
Boat charter by John Cotsell on 02.06.2004
     Nationals by AN Adult on 03.06.2004
          Nationals by Ruth events sec on 04.06.2004
               Charter a spinny? by An adult on 05.06.2004
                    Charter a H 16 Spinny ? by Rob on 05.06.2004
                         Spinnaker Charter by Dave Cooper on 06.06.2004
                              Is it worth it? by Jon on 07.06.2004
                                   Spi Pros and Cons by Ben Mansfield on 08.06.2004
Advice on my sails please by Dave on 21.05.2004
     Getting the sail up easily by Jon Worthington on 21.05.2004
          Jon, who makes it? by silicone sally on 21.05.2004
               The Gel by Jon W on 21.05.2004
                    That was my toothpaste ! by Crew on 21.05.2004
          other causes by wouter on 02.06.2004
          easy up mainsail by waxy on 23.06.2004
sub 52 kilo crew needed - Mumm 30 uk and abroad by Tom on 18.05.2004
Well Done! by Congratulator on 17.05.2004
     yeh well done :) by angel on 18.05.2004
help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by amish on 16.05.2004
some worries by amish on 13.05.2004
     weight by justin on 16.05.2004
          Thanx by Amish on 03.07.2004
     Hobie class training by Ruth on 21.05.2004
          Contact details by Ruth on 21.05.2004
          Hobie Trg. by Amish on 29.05.2004
How fast are Hobie 17's by Richard Smith on 05.05.2004
     Hobie 17 by Jim Glanden on 02.06.2004
          FX One by London calling on 28.07.2004
               FXOnes at Loch Ness Monster Race???!!! by Chris Browning on 29.07.2004
Water in mast by Simon on 04.05.2004
     Water In Mast - Possible solution by Jon Worthington on 06.05.2004
Is Hobie 16 too much for a newbies crew? by Matthew on 03.05.2004
     16 for newbies by gavin on 05.05.2004
     Hobie's good for newbies by An Adult on 05.05.2004
hobie f21 broken bulkhead by michael hancock on 25.04.2004
second hand boat by Graham T on 20.04.2004
     Spitfire by Peter on 20.04.2004
          advice by Graham T on 20.04.2004
               Spitfire by Peter on 21.04.2004
     Second Hand Spitfire by Chris Mansfield on 20.04.2004
          Thanks Chris by Graham T on 21.04.2004
     ugly cats by cool cats on 05.05.2004
          spitfire by bismarck on 07.05.2004
          Sweet Lines ? by Rob on 08.05.2004
               bananas by sailor moon on 10.05.2004
                    Spitfire's a good boat but.... by Ben Mansfield on 08.06.2004
                         yes and no by un-biased on 10.06.2004
                              Hobie versus newer boats by horses for courses on 14.06.2004

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