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h14 sails needed by bob taylor on 14.09.2003
     Hobie 14 Sail by John Clark on 27.10.2003
Where are the Hobie Nationals next year, and when? by Chris Browning on 09.09.2003
     hobie nationals by Ruth (new hobie events organiser) on 11.09.2003
Hobie or similar wanted by David Halliwell on 07.09.2003
     cheap boat by sick boy on 08.09.2003
Mast needed by Ian Horton on 07.09.2003
Hobie 14 trampoline by Justin on 03.09.2003
     cheap tramp by mambo no. 5 on 05.09.2003
     Trampoline by mg on 13.08.2004
trailer by anonymous on 27.08.2003
Nationals results by Will Thomson on 27.08.2003
     Results by Webmaster on 29.08.2003
Looking for Hobie Cat 21 by Thomas on 24.08.2003
     hobiecat21 located in Brazil by eduardo on 28.08.2003
     Hobie Cat 21 For Sale by Anonymous on 28.11.2003
     Hobie 21 / 039 for sale by Joe on 09.04.2004
Unable to right a HC 14 alone by Fabio Lavatelli on 22.08.2003
     righting 14 by Ron on 28.08.2003
     Righting a Hobie by Pongo on 19.03.2004
Rudder up when flying a hull by Fabio Lavatelli on 22.08.2003
     one rudder by M ike Madge on 26.08.2003
     Rudder up by Mark Venning on 30.09.2003
Reducing mainsail size on HC 14 by Fabio Lavatelli on 22.08.2003
     reefing 14 mainsail by Ron Trent on 28.08.2003
hobie 16 sail parameters by Michael on 22.08.2003
Buying a sixteen by Dennis Rashington on 20.08.2003
     buying a sixteen by Julio Ramon on 28.08.2003
H16 Jib stay snapped - Fix or Replace ? by Kevin on 15.08.2003
sailing club by fergus on 15.08.2003
     Club by Jon on 19.08.2003
hobie 14 flexing of frame by Mark on 13.08.2003
     H14 flexing of frame by Nick Hardacre on 14.08.2003
          hobie 14 flexing of frame by Mark on 14.08.2003
hobie 14 flexing of frame by Mark on 13.08.2003
rudders by Steve on 12.08.2003
     Rudders fixed.... by Jon Worthington on 12.08.2003
          rudders again.. by Steve on 12.08.2003
               Rudders explained by Jon Worthington on 14.08.2003
                    Rudders by Ed Hall on 15.09.2003
Hobie 16 mast by Miv on 10.08.2003
     hobie mast by Cabron on 11.08.2003
is this normal for a hobie or is it a wrongun? by newbie on 04.08.2003
     Epoxy by mark on 07.08.2003
help i need a hobie 16 trailer fast. hire or buy by cybergamma on 03.08.2003
     trailers by gavin on 04.08.2003
          thanks , thats a start by cybergamma on 04.08.2003
hobie 14 turbo ideal weight by john fullerton on 03.08.2003
     Hobie 14 Turbo by mark farrow on 04.08.2003
hobie 18 spinnaker by LEE on 28.07.2003

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