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Hobie 15's by Kristian on 20.02.2004
     Kristian a reply by Chris Mansfield on 20.02.2004
          Dart 16 V Hobie 15 / 16 by Peter on 21.02.2004
               The right Cat by Ben Mansfield on 23.02.2004
                    Which cat by Kristian Davies on 23.02.2004
                         easy rig by mark on 26.02.2004
                              16 is OK for a Novice by An Adult on 26.02.2004
                         Hobie Vs. Dart by Simon on 09.03.2004
                              Hobie Vs. Dart by Peter on 11.03.2004
                                   Hobie vs Dart by Pongo on 19.03.2004
                                        Hobie V Dart by An Adult on 21.03.2004
                                             hobie / dart head-on by crusher on 22.03.2004
                                                  hobie vs dart by Anonymous on 11.05.2004
                                                       hobie's quicker by Anonymous on 17.05.2004
New sailor - stupid questions by Erik on 19.02.2004
     new boat by ....the Viking on 20.02.2004
          Youth Sailors by Ben on 23.02.2004
     Erik a reply by Chris Mansfield on 20.02.2004
coming to give u poms a hidin! by Mad Aussie on 18.02.2004
     Just try it, surfer-boy!!! by English Gent on 19.02.2004
Colour fast? by Mad Professor on 17.02.2004
     colourful story by 'Boffin' on 18.02.2004
          wow!! by 16's forever forever on 03.03.2004
Dragoon helm wanted by Lizzie on 11.02.2004
Hobie 16 wanted by Ben Salt on 10.02.2004
     looking for a boat by ryan on 10.02.2004
          shame by Ben Salt on 14.02.2004
               hobies can be found for under 1.5k!!! by devil's advocate on 16.02.2004
                    You don't need perfect gear by Advocate's friend on 16.02.2004
                         loads for your money by Queen's Counsel on 16.02.2004
crew available by Rachel Bennett on 09.02.2004
     northern Hobies by bonzo dog on 11.02.2004
Weight requirement for a Hobie 16 by confused on 05.02.2004
     Here's some answers by Ben Mansfield on 05.02.2004
          sixteen setings by Jimbo on 09.02.2004
               I agree by Ben on 18.02.2004
WANTED: Hobie 16 by Jason Harper on 04.02.2004
cat sailor wanted by Laura on 03.02.2004
Hobie 16 Race LE - For Sale by Rob Grieg-Gran on 29.01.2004
Worlds by Scott on 23.01.2004
     Worlds by Ben Mansfield on 26.01.2004
2004 SNECCA Calendar dates for your info. by Chris Browning on 22.01.2004
     SNECCA Dates - whoops!!!! one change! by Chris Browning on 23.01.2004
     SNECCA by Ruth Hobie Events Secreatary on 27.01.2004
     New Ruling by Jack on 28.01.2004
          IHCA ruling by Chris Browning on 29.01.2004
          IHCA ruling by Chris Browning on 29.01.2004
Catsailing in Portugal by THE SAILCOMPANY on 21.01.2004
Hobie Class sub-group by Gareth Treddle on 19.01.2004
     Same Class Sex by Roger on 28.01.2004
          joke response by gareth on 03.02.2004

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