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Create a new message View the most recent postings by Neil MacGregor on 14.04.2004
Hobie 18 by Pieter Bothma on 12.04.2004
     hobie by don quinlan on 14.04.2004
     Hobie 18 by Gary Richardson on 24.05.2004
Reefing points by Kristian on 06.04.2004
     how to reef by Reefer on 06.04.2004
Pwllheli accommodation available by DJones on 04.04.2004
Mast Head Float Needed (Hobie 16 Type) by Julian Alcock on 31.03.2004
     search by Pawel on 14.06.2004
new second hand Hobie by Graham T on 31.03.2004
     If I may, Graham... by Sneaky Stan on 06.04.2004
     Second Hand by Chris on 06.04.2004
          Thanks Chris and Stan by Graham T on 07.04.2004
               re. Thanks Chris and Stan by Youth sailor on 20.04.2004
Hobie 16 clubs? by New 16 sailer on 29.03.2004
     Hobie Club by Jon on 30.03.2004
How much to sell my Hobie for by Steve Lindley on 21.03.2004
     May be interested by Jonathan on 31.03.2004
H16 Righting Frame by Jon on 18.03.2004
     Now Sold by Jon on 16.06.2004
If Dr. Seuss sailed a Hobie..... by HOBIE THE POET on 15.03.2004
     gets my seal of approval by Andrew Motion on 15.03.2004
          Don't give up the day job by The Queen on 18.03.2004
               Very Factual by Ron on 18.03.2004
Are the FX One's still racing by Bill on 15.03.2004
     Racing by A Moores on 14.05.2004
Website by Kearnsy on 09.03.2004
     this is the self-appreciation society! by good lord! on 10.03.2004
          you're not wrong, i say, you're not wrong!! by Fred Elliot on 18.03.2004
Hobie 16 by Gerry on 29.02.2004
     mesh tramp by Ben Cutler-Sharp on 29.02.2004
          too tight? by tramp tightener on 01.03.2004
               distances by Kearnsy on 01.03.2004
               Too tight ? by Frank on 01.03.2004
                    anything will! by the tightener on 02.03.2004
          frame tightning by Ben Cutler-Sharp on 02.03.2004
               Damage by Kearnsy on 02.03.2004
                    yes, but!!! by El Tightenor on 03.03.2004
                         Stiffening the H16 by Dave on 09.03.2004
Boat 4 Youths by Tom on 26.02.2004
     Boat 4 Youths by Andy on 26.02.2004
          unbelievable! by Headmaster on 27.02.2004
               Hypocrite by Annon on 27.02.2004
                    another fool! by hmmm on 27.02.2004
                         another fool by Andy on 02.03.2004
                              Armageddinit Now by Pongo on 19.03.2004
Mast Head Float Wanted by Julian Alcock on 25.02.2004
     Mast Float Head by Floater on 09.03.2004
          Mast Head Float by Julian on 12.03.2004
          Mast Head Float by Julian Alcock on 31.03.2004
     search by Pawel on 12.09.2004

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