Camel Week Open Series - PY for H16 vs Dart 18
Message #964 by:  Jeremy Greaves
Posted on:  Sunday 25th of July 2004 at 8:22 pm
Rock Sailing Club's annual Camel Week kicks off on 9 Aug and it is likely that the H16s will again be the third biggest class racing the series.

For those of you that don't know about Camel Week, it is one of the largest managerie racing series in the UK with around 120 dinghies of all types from Mirrors to Laser 5000s and a smattering of cats from super-fast carbon A Class, to Hurricanes, Shadows, Darts, Hobie 16s etc with the 16s making up the bulk of the cat fleet. As it is a holiday club it is difficult to be precise about who/what turns up, but if you want some serious but fun racing then why not consider coming down to N. Cornwall? Further details are available at:

Back to my main question: wondering if people think that the Portsmouth Yardstick for Dart 18s is correct vs the H16. It always used to be the Dart was rated as slightly quicker than the 16, but for the last few years this has no longer been the case. Arguably there's not much in it, but I'd be interested in anyone's views. We don't want to gain an unfair advantage, but merely level the playing field if the Hobies are being too harshly rated.

The subject of whether a PY is the correct rating or not can wait for another day - Rock does it this way and it is not likely to change in the immediate future...!

Many thanks for your help.

Jeremy Greaves
01243 376 477
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