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Message #950 by:  beg to differ....
Posted on:  Monday 12th of July 2004 at 11:32 am
Whilst not a Hobie sailor anymore, i would suggest that
the 'rudder up' scenario does offer a gain and is not
'unseamanlike' in the right hands.
Raising a rudder will only pay if the boat is in very good
order, and all cams etc are functioning properly. On top
of that, you need a skillful helmsman to avoid losing out
in tacks and gybes.
Hobie rudders are ideally set tow'ed out. lifting one
reduces drag of foils by 50%, and will pay off both
upwind and downwind in the right hands.
If you lose a leeward rudder at any speed, due to it
popping up at an obstruction, your windward rudder, as
most will have experienced, is virtually useless at
controlling the boat, therefore negating the
'seamanship' comment.

Bobby G, back to your Westerley caravan cruiser!

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