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Tips from the for writing an interview paper, in order to get into the team of experienced crew captains. A description of the stages of an interview for employment at the best sailing club.
Fast Cat Race end of May Bank Holiday by Ruth on 25.04.2005
First SNECCA TT this weekend - Hobies Welcome! by SNECCA on 18.04.2005
hoby 16 sails by rob s on 14.04.2005
     hoby 16 by fletch on 19.04.2005
          Hobie 16 sails by Ian Craven on 26.04.2005
Catamaran DVD by Dave Roberts on 09.04.2005
problem setting up by roger on 08.04.2005
     tight pylons by tramp fitter on 08.04.2005
Keeping trapeze lines apart by Steve Miles on 31.03.2005
     trapeze tangles by wire man on 04.04.2005
size by Tall Man on 31.03.2005
Scotttish / Northern dates for 2005 (see you there?) by SNECCA on 30.03.2005
wanted hobie 16 by tom h on 25.03.2005
     Tom, Hobie 16 by Chris on 29.03.2005
Hobie 16 Wanted by Crazy Kiwis on 23.03.2005
     Hobie 16 by Robert on 28.04.2005
Catamaran DVD by Tillard Georges on 19.03.2005
Hobie Age by Jim Gates on 19.03.2005
     Here's a guess by Jon B on 23.03.2005
Rock Hobies meeting place by Dave on 10.03.2005
     Rock Hobies/Nationals by Chris on 12.03.2005
hobie 15 car top? by Giova on 08.03.2005
     On the roof by Steve on 09.03.2005
          Car topping by JB on 23.03.2005
               HC15 on roof by Ben on 29.03.2005
Nationals 2005 by Tigerman on 08.03.2005
     Hobie plans by Tiger exile on 09.03.2005
          Tiger exile by Tigerman on 10.03.2005
          Tiger Exile by Chris on 12.03.2005
          Rutland Easter weekend by Ruth on 14.03.2005
Camel Estuary events 2005 by Dave on 07.03.2005
     Camel Estuary Events 2005 by Chris on 08.03.2005
          Camel Events by Dave on 10.03.2005
               Camel Estuary Events by Chris on 10.03.2005
What about Russia? by RussoEnt on 05.03.2005
Germany by will on 01.03.2005
     Ferries by Ruth on 03.03.2005
Prindle 16 by Bert on 24.02.2005
Hobie 16 devalued by Derek on 16.02.2005
     value by worried on 16.02.2005
     Youth Cat by Chris Mansfield on 07.03.2005
Hobie 16 by Dave on 12.02.2005
Sailing in UK by Heribert on 12.02.2005
     where in Norfolk? by East Anglian cats on 14.02.2005
Hobie 17 turbo kit by Simon on 08.02.2005
wanted tiger pole and bag by Alan Thomas on 29.01.2005
     mono spinny on multi by kiteman jimmy on 31.01.2005
Wich cat should i buy ? by Luis Vilhena on 22.01.2005
Tuning a Hobie Pacific by Neil on 05.01.2005
     Racing - A Hobie Pacific by Johnno on 07.01.2005
          Reply to Johnno by Neil on 11.01.2005
               Pacific by Jon W on 12.01.2005
                    Reply to Jon W by Neil on 12.01.2005
                         F18 by Shamed on 13.01.2005
                              Pacific tips by Ben on 23.01.2005

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