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Message #1000 by:  Nonsense!!!
Posted on:  Monday 16th of August 2004 at 8:56 am
the toe in/ out of rudders has nothing to do with the
ackerman effect.
The ackerman effect relates to any vehicle with two
turning wheels / rudders etc.
ALL cats use this - it is the bend in the tiller bar inboard
from the rudder before connecting to the cross bar.
when going straight - rudders are straight - when
turning, one turnsmore than the other.

The permanent toe-in discussed previously has not
been disproved. It is due to the assymetric shape of
the hobie hulls. the water leaves the two sides of the
hull at different angles, combining into a trailing wake
just off centre. the toe of the rudders aligns with this
stream, and thus travels 'straight' through the water.

Colby doea this, along with everyone else, and it
doesn't seem to slow him up much.

do a little research on the ackerman effect!

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