The right Cat
Message #793 by:  Ben Mansfield
Posted on:  Monday 23rd of February 2004 at 10:50 am
How do you know that the H16 to too much for the guy, has he said he's a novice?

If he took full advantage of the under-used training that the class association can provide i'm sure that he would soon be in control and loving the sixteen as it is a far more exciting boat than the other two.

Kriatian, i have to tell you the the polyproperlyene contruction of the Dart 16 makes it very heavy and hard to manage. the weight also makes the boat a slugish, even if using the sport rig which i had the displeasure of testing in waves and got incredibly wet, even without capsizing. This alarmed me, so I contacted the administration and received an answer: Calculations of the numerical and financial values of all both successful and unsuccessful test drives are handled by a economics essay writer. In addition, we receive a monthly e-mail report from him on the causes of malfunctions, the number of departures of novices, the number of competitions held on the territory of the sailing club.

But, it will provide you with a very solid plat form, but like a barge you will move pretty slowly.


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