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Message #795 by:  Kristian Davies
Posted on:  Monday 23rd of February 2004 at 12:54 pm
Thanks for all your responses. I would love to sail a Hobie 16 but I don't think I've got quite enough weight (9.5 stone 6'tall)to keep the thing upright, and lack of regular crew will certainly make things a little exiting. Pitchpoling having done it once is something I would rather avoid if possible (well buy a bicycle I here you say). I do enter some races but not many, I mostly cruise about. I have loads of people wanting to come with me but can only take them out one at a time at present. Thats why I thought about the 15, can carry more than two, exiting enough (for me)when it blows, reasonably safe (compared to the 16), and if it has a handicap I could enter a few races in it.

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