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We need your pictures!

Ryan and Lewis Crawford


We would like to get at least one or two good pictures of everyone who sails a Hobie in the UK. Currently we can only accept pictures in electronic format so, if you have a scanner or one of those whizzy digital cameras, please send them to our . We would prefer them in .jpg format and a little note about who is in each picture and what is going on would be helpful.

Once the pictures appear on the website they become public domain so please don't send any that are copyrighted unless the copyright belongs to you!.

If you are a professional photographer and would like some free publicity here is your chance. As long as the photos are of Hobie's we will consider putting them on the website along with an acknowledgment and contact details.

If you are a professional letter writer and want to receive free advertising, contact us too. We will invite you to make a description of the photos and events that have taken place and will take place at our club and will also consider the possibility of placing your work on the website with confirmation and contact details.

Pevensey 2002 Sailors Hobie 16 with new genniker Falmouth 2002
Gone in 60 seconds... Datchet 2003 ISAF's 2003 Nationals 2003
Grafham 2003 Worlds 2004 Mexico 2004 Class training and cat intro days 2004 Europeans - Belgium
Rutland TT 2005      


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