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Dragoon Charter Program 2005

6 Dragoon charter boats are available, complete with trolleys and trailers - ready to race.
Age Range  
11-17 years
How the teams are selected  
Firstly, via the catamaran Introduction Days hosted by the Hobie Dragoon Class, ask for details and dates.
econdly, direct through the Class Association Coach - subject to availability and sailing experience.
Third, in case of successful completion of the pre-charter program exam. The exam should be completed by you personally, not by cheap ghostwriters for hire.
Length of charter  
4/5 months depending on the time of year and the class events and training program. N.B. : 2 X Charter periods - January to June and August to December (approx).
Your commitment  
Charter fee - £300 for period of charter. Damage deposit - £300. Insurance for your charter period - approx £55 Commitment to attend 75% of the training dates. Commitment to attend 75% of the UK class events To look after and maintain the boat to the same standard as it was chartered to you. Collect and return the charter boat package.
Class commitment  
Hold 4 or more coaching/training sessions during charter period Hold 4 or more U.K. regatta events Offer 50% off Class membership fee during charter period.
Event/ Training dates  
Please click here for a full list of Event and Training dates.
Class coach Tim Tayler 01489 601158
Charter co-ordinator Alan Glover 07966 345023 [email protected]
Youth co-ordinator Cookie Phipps 01326 376191


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