new second hand Hobie
Message #844 by:  Graham T
Posted on:  Wednesday 31st of March 2004 at 5:10 pm
I an seriously considering buying a second hand Hobie
16 with a budget of around £3,000.
Can anyone tell me (impartially!)
a) what age of boat / sail number should i be a ble to
b) what are the key problems / deffects i should look out
for on a boat this age?

thanks in advance
ex-monohull Graham

If I may, Graham...
Message #850 by:  Sneaky Stan
Posted on:  Tuesday 6th of April 2004 at 11:21 am
It is a week since your post, and no-one has seen fit to
give you any advice on joining this Class, and they
badly need the numbers! After this polite interlude, i feel
i can interject!
If you can stretch your budget, you might consider a
more modern catamaran, with increasing rather than
decreasing numbers, such as the Spitfire, although
second hand prices are still, justifiably, very high.
You can also buy a very reasonable F18 for just over
£4000, and the Stealth is also a serious bargain,
although a little scarce.

Good hunting

Second Hand
Message #853 by:  Chris
Posted on:  Tuesday 6th of April 2004 at 8:14 pm
Buy second hand 16 from our web site. I have just sold a boat on this site. Also look in the back of Y & Y another good place. Don't forget we run class training for all ages. There is also a lot of gear about on the same basis.
There is also a good race circuit. Only for youth I hear you say! Last weekend several adult teams had some very good and close racing. whats more they are all coming again to the next event.

Thanks Chris and Stan
Message #854 by:  Graham T
Posted on:  Wednesday 7th of April 2004 at 8:17 am
I have been looking at prices, and have seen a lot of
reasonably priced boats of all types.
I havn't really got an answer to my questions though.

I would welcome the advice of a Hobie sailor on what
are the problems to look out for in a second hand boat,
what sail numbers to expect in my price bracket.
I do not want to buy, become disillusioned, sell, and go
back to a monohull.
I am new to this 2 hull lark, and would value any
Chris, as you have already sold a boat, i could assume
you are impartial....any advice?


re. Thanks Chris and Stan
Message #862 by:  Youth sailor
Posted on:  Tuesday 20th of April 2004 at 4:54 pm
Hi Graham, i am a youth sailor in the Hobie 16 class. When i entered the class i bought an absolute dog of a boat as i did not know what i was looking for. The main problems to look for are leeky hulls/damaged hulls, state of the sails, whether the boat has internal or external travellers (internal are better), and the stifness of the hulls. As for sail numbers. This can be desceptive as when new sails are purchased, new sail numbers are given! Generally (without knowing too much about this), i would assume that if you looked at numbers above 100000 then this may be ok. I would try to get to an event and look at boats competing before buying anything though!!! Stan also has some valuable comments but i will not air my views on these issues. Happy hunting

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