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   Sourcing parts

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  What's the cheapest way anyone has found to get hold of Hobie parts ? In particular I want to get the spinnaker kit for my FX1. Are there any cheaper alternatives to using the Hobiecat centre in Poole ? Can you import directly ?
  3 March 2006

   RE: Sourcing parts

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  No idea, I was hoping cat-bitz might help, but they seem to have a limited range of gear. I'd like a spinny chute, but 280 quid for a glassfibre mould and 2 metres of sailcloth seems a mite excessive to me.... Anyone else got any info?

  3 March 2006

   RE: Sourcing parts

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  Hobie parts are made in France, so if you want genuine Hobie parts (so you continue to measure as a hobie) you don't have much choice other than to go through an importer ie Hobiecat centre.

The alternative is to get a spinnaker made by a local sail maker, buy an aluminium pole and use some vectran instead of the wires. You will have to buy a spinnaker chute of someone though. Email me if you want the contact details of a really good chute supplier.
  3 March 2006



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