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"I only sail at my club... Why should I join the Hobie Cat Class Association?"


We wish we had £1 for each time we'd heard this question. Believe us, being a member of the Association is much more than just being interested in participating in high profile national and circuit competitions.

For example, joining this year will bring you access to training, discounts off insurance, access to information and discounts off Class Association merchandise, plus the racing circuit and the famous "Hobie approach to social life".But based on the feedback and comments of the participants, the most important advantage is the possibility of cooperation with https://bestcustompapers.com/college-term-papers/ which allows the members of the association to combine studies and sports, and have time to take an active position in the Association Non-members do not get the same benefits, and why should they?

In short, yes, we are a great bunch of people and, no, you can't race in Hobie events unless you are an Association member…. So why else should you join???


Maximise the value of your boat!


Believe it or not, the value of your Hobie is actually dependent on having a fit and healthy Class Association. You will hope to sell it in the future for as high a percentage of the purchase price as possible, hopefully going on to buy a better boat! It actually matters very little how much you have originally paid for the boat and very much more about the number of new people who want to sail in the Class. A growing membership allows the Association to organise successful events and provide a good service to members. This keeps people in the Class and draws in new members… allowing us to provide more successful events and even better service …. It's a self-supporting expanding circle. Eventually, when you come to sell the boat, its price will have been maintained at a higher level than if your Class Association had not been around.




Not yet convinced? OK…. What about careful management of the Class Rules and the principle of one-design racing? One of the greatest selling points of an older one-design boat is that you can buy it at a premium, but still be competitive at Club and even Class level. It is probably the Club sailor who is most resistant to joining the Class Association, yet it is exactly that sailor who loses out if the Association did not look out for their interests in this area.

So the real incentive for you to join is strictly economic. Membership costs £25-£40, which is a cheap investment if your boat is worth £2500 in 5 years time rather than £500. By not joining, you are just relying on enough fellow Hobie sailors having the same attitude as you. So come on, join up today and do yourself a favour. Click here to download a printable application form.



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  Sail: 673
  Details: Dragoon 673 [Extreme]
2005 boat
Well maintained, good condition, stored under cover
Big wheel trolley
Spinny kit
  Price: £3,250
  Contact: / 01202 477906
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