I agree
Message #785 by:  Ben
Posted on:  Wednesday 18th of February 2004 at 10:41 pm
Good point well made.
I also like three and reserve hole two for when it is howling. The shroud length is also a factor which, if varies can have some effect. Out of the four shrouds i have three are within one mm of each other and the other is one mm out. because this difference is less than half a hole difference it is not worth making any changes to the shroud possition.

However the bridle wire being shorter could serve to enhance performance as it pulls the jib forward, opening the jib slot and enhancing performance. The trade off is that the bows are pull togeather which stresses the hulls and over time can cause the boat to be less rigid and performance will drop. But short term there are arguments for it being both faster and slower.


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