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Message #414 by:  Mark Farrow
Posted on:  Tuesday 10th of December 2002 at 12:18 pm
Having sailed the 16 for a few years now, and also knowing what the 16 can do, I think that the 16 is fast enough on a reach alrerady. In fact, half the time in 16 knots or more I am trying to slow the boat down when the wind is on the beam or just behind.

There has been a spinnaker kit for the 16 for a number of years now which hasn't taken off, and i can also see there being a market for a 16' cat with 3 sails - look where some of our best sailors have just gone to, but those types of boat are completely different to the 16 and I have my doubts if a kite would make it any faster. The type of sailing us Hobie sailors like also seems to be a little more diverse than just sailing up hill and down hill. Have you ever tried to reach on a Tiger with all 3 sails up above 17 knots - You can't do it!

In fact I would almost put money on a 16 sailing a triangle without a kite, faster than one with a kite.

Just my thoughts, for what they are worth.


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