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Posted on:  Thursday 5th of December 2002 at 6:16 pm
Delighted to see that the website has been updated - congrats to the new webmaster...however I do have couple of comments (not meant in a nasty way at all!)
It would appear to me that there are a few events lacking a mention on the new calendar - the TT at south shields? the weston freezer series? Would it be possible to include a search function on the calendar to filter bhcca events or only the youth ones? I realise that the Youth Squad is a major part of the UK Hobie fleet, this is a very good thing. However, from thinking that there were loads of events I could sail this year...on closer inspection I find there are 6 bhcca events (including the Europeans). If this is indeed the case, then I am disappointed.
Please take this as constructive criticism, I love sailing HC16s and am looking forward to returning to the UK to sail in the new year. However, if we will be obliged to sail handicap cat opens or abroad to find more than 6 events a year where we can race as a HC16 fleet then I see this as a problem.
I appreciate that a lot of effort goes into sorting out a yearly calendar and am very glad that we have planned as much as is already there. I would be more than happy to try and help plan more bhcca events if I can be of any use and would appreciate any one else's feedback on this.

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