Twixxy vs Dart 16
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Posted on:  Monday 8th of November 2004 at 8:32 pm
I had the same problem and went for a Twixxy in the end dispite the name putting me off. They are very similar in alot of respects and you would be very happy with either. What decided it for me in the end was the good construction, ease of strip down for roof topping, better fittings and a lower price tag on the Twixxy. We have used the boat a huge amount in all sorts of conditions, even taken it to Spain in the caravan. We sail with up to 4 people but normally with 3. I am 6 ft 3 and 95kg and my sons are not small either. Yachts and Yachting gave it a rave review about March this year which is worth a read. If you visit the Hobie centre Poole website ( you will see some photos of my boat scrolling with other boats on the home page, hull flying. If you would like more info give me a quick email. I have my Twixxy for sale at the moment but that is not the reason for my positive report. The boat is a great single hander or family boat and we have the best times with it. I have just purchased a Hobie Pacific because we got a realy good deal on it and it is the next step up having gained a huge amount of experience and confidence with the Twixxy. We have had the equivilent of about 3years use from the Twixxy since Feb when I collected it. We sail almost every weekend and on holiday and are usually the first boat out and last in. Hope this helps. Neil.

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