Gromet type questions
Message #638 by:  Dave
Posted on:  Tuesday 30th of September 2003 at 4:42 pm
1) I pitchpoled 5 times in one afternoon the other week in a force 6, mainly on a broad reach. I've seen people standing on the bit of hull behind the tramp when helming, which presumably helps to keep the nose out the water. Is this a good idea and does it work, or should I just power off a bit?

2) Has anyone got any tips for stopping the mainsheet dragging in the water when helming from the trapeze?

The crew!
Message #642 by:  Kearnsy
Posted on:  Friday 3rd of October 2003 at 11:36 am
Get your crew to keep the end of the mainsheet clear of you when sailing because they dont have to worry about helming which leaves you to concentrate on keeping the bow clear of the waves.
As to standing on the deck behind the tramp, there is really no point. If your on a broad reach then maybe try to get your crew on the wire and you stay in, a bit like the tornado's do but obviously with out their genniker! If its really quite broad then you shouldnt be on the wire anyway, either of you. Its not quicker as you end up going higher to keep yourself clear of the waves and its also unstable as you are on the wire.

Trapeezing on reach
Message #646 by: 
Posted on:  Wednesday 8th of October 2003 at 8:45 am
The only reason that there is the common miss conception that it does not pay to put both feet on the deck is because none of you have good enough balance to get it right. in a blow i can get my crew standing with HIS front foot on the corner casting.
Surely anyone has the common sense to work out that the further back you are, the more anti-pitchpole moment you have, its basic physics, it just requires the skills to keep your feet out the water.
Also, if you can both be supported on the wire, then go for it as you will obviously have more power in the boat and more speed, despite your corse (broard reach, beat, whatever!) This was proved sailing in after trainning in Austria, yes some pitchpole but if you don't find out how far you can push the boat you will either over or under push it in a race

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