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Viewing Message: 'Is towing a H16 illegal'
   Is towing a H16 illegal

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  I'm thinking about buying a H16, but the one I'm looking at doesn't have a trailer. The hobie centre in Poole do sell new trailers which take a h16 without dismantling, but they don't appear to be legal for towing behind a car - do most H16 owners tow complete or do they dismantle?

I looked up the law on max towing widths and it is 2.3m for vehicles under 3.5Tonnes GVW, (My discovery is 2.7T GVW). According to the hobie website, a H16 is 7ft 11" wide, which is more than 2.3m. Presumably this means I've got to dismantle each time - Is that going to cause any problems, as I'll have to tow it each time I use it (It's not going to be kept at a sailing club)
  25 July 2006

   RE: Is towing a H16 illegal

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  In a word no, it is not illegal. I tow an F18 flat which is 8ft 6in wide.

You are correct about the width of the trailer, BUT, you load is allowed to overhang a certain amount each side which puts catamarans inside the limits.

Interesting fact: F18's are designed to be on the maximum legal towing width in Europe.

  29 July 2006

   RE: Is towing a H16 illegal

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  I took legal advice on towing and was advised that it was illegal, although common practice, so I would advise caution. However, I continue to regularly trailer my 16 and my Tiger and have been ok so far.
  15 February 2007



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