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Comments for 'Ellies Carnac Report'
Posted by NickH on the 6 June 2007
The first two days were training for both the dragoons and the 16's.
The Dragoons had to be down at the beach for 10am all rigged and ready to do some fitness and the 16's ready for 1pm.
We all sat and waited. After a few hours of fun beach football, running up and down the beach a few times and finding a small patch of grass somewhere to do our morning stretches, we finally saw a bit of wind, so off we went to get changed.
We ended up doing a bit of sailing upwind and downwind until it was time for us to go in.
The next day the wind was lighter. Although it was only about half an hour of debating we decided we would go out for a fun session. It was great fun although nearly all of us got wet from either capsizing or diving in after the ball.

Day 1 of racing. 2o'clock start.
We all arrived on time, only to find thick mist which meant we couldn't see what the wind was like at all. Once it had nearly cleared, we found that there was no wind behind it. We were all disappointed and after the postponement came down there was still no wind! We had to go out. After our endless trek to the start line our committee boat messed around for about an hour and finally at 4 o'clock we started our race. Once we started there was no turning back. We were racing against the SL16's, a Hobie Max and various other boats. This meant that we were the slowest boats. We had all just started the second lap when the committee boat and crew all came round saying all races abandoned. There was a cheer of joy from everyone. At last, at 8 o'clock we were free to go in.

Day 2 of racing. 11o'clock start.
After a disappointing first day for the Dragoons, as we all got timed out, we were all determined to get some better results. Luckily there actually some wind. We all went out , the Tigers flying hulls, the 16's having fun, but not really enough wind for us Dragoons.
Day 2 ended in some better results for the Dragoons. We all managed to finish a race. In the 16 fleet both GBR teams did well.

Day 3 of racing. The raid!
There wasn't quite enough wind to do the full raid, so the committee decided they would shorten it quite substantially.
Once we had all got out to the biggest start line many of us have ever seen, they started the 15 minute start sequence.
5...4...3...2...1...General recall. Another 15 minute start sequence. 5...4...3...2...1... GO!!!
Off we went. It was a great experience, just being on the start line.
Unfortunately none of the youth GBR boats finished because it took us Dragoons about 2 hours to do the shortest upwind.
However Paul and Emma finished first Dart 18, so not all bad.

Day 4. Last Day!!!
Where had the week gone?
We were all sad it was the last day but we had had great fun, ie. the sailing obviously, the swimming pool!, and the going into town and getting ice creams and smoothies.
The wind was not perfect but there was no postponement so we all got off the water at 9am, the scheduled time. All the GBR squad did well.

Prize Giving
The Dragoon results were not very good overall, as they were put with the SL16's and the odds and ends.
Paul Wakelin and Emma went up about 4 times to collect their prizes for various things. It seemed as if they won all the prizes.

Ed's comment - there was also an unfortunate incident where Richard and Andy were expected to pick up 1st place for the 16's, but found out at the prizegiving that they were OCS in the last race and calls for redress fell on deaf ears. Still they remain winners in the eyes of the Brits and indeed the other competitors on the podium!

Overall it was a fantastic week in Carnac and I hope to go next year.
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