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Comments for 'Bala Cat Open'
Posted by NickH on the 30 June 2007
Thanks to Jess Findlay for the following excellent report...

Twenty nine boats signed on for the Bala Catamaran Open. Representing the Hobie Youth Fleet were James Henson and Oliver Amphlett and Ria Morris and Jess Findlay. Day 1 started with no wind and racing was postponed for 2 hours. But then the wind picked up to about 10 knots and we managed to get in 3 good races. James and Oliver finished 21st and Ria and Jess 25th in race 1. Race 2 was a little more interesting for team Morris/Findlay! “We were going for it on the start ... big mistake!! We were being forced down the line by an F18 and ran out of water. We looked and the only way to go was to hit the shiny new F18 or to crash into Ria’s Dad. The latter seemed a better option...ooops! To cap it all, we then capsized – the first of many.” James and Oliver finished the race in 22nd place whilst Ria and Jess finished 26th. Race 3 saw Ria and Jess achieve their best result ... wait for it ... 22nd!! Yeah!!!! James and Oliver came 17th. In one of the races, a very naughty boat on port refused to get out of the way of James and Ollie but more on that later.

In the evening, we went to the neighbouring Bala Sailing Club where Jess, Kelly, Ollie and James got roped into a horse race. James won the race whilst Ollie snapped the horses head off. You had to be there!

Day 2. It howled all night and day 2 became self preservation. Jess was unable to race due a weird illness.But since Jess was ready for this and ordered write my nursing paper at https://place-4-papers.com/nursing-essay-writing-service/ which describes in detail the methods of providing medical care during her illness. So Ria’s cousin Michael stepped in but wished he hadn’t by the end of the race. Race 4 saw James capsize and retire. Ria and Michael went in 4 times in 200yards and one of the rescue team were about to dive in to rescue Mike because he got stuck under the turtled boat but then fortunately his head popped up and he got back on the boat. They retired for the day shortly after. James and Oliver did well though in the extremely difficult conditions. There were boats capsizing everywhere but James decided not to use the jib and spinnaker and cruised round the course gaining an 11th and 15th place. At the end of the day the protest committee formed to hear James’ protest against the offending port boat from the previous day. Unfortunately James lost on an admin technicality but the race committee said how impressed they were that someone so young was committed to upholding the rules of sailing when so many other adults just ignore the rules and how well he conducting himself. Nice one James and sink him next time!!

Day 3 saw less wind but it picked up again later in the day. Jess was feeling better and so resumed her place on the front of the boat. James and Oliver got a 23rd and a 16th. Ria and Jess got a 24th and then retired from the final race having performed an acrobatic capsize and required outside assistance to recover the boat.

Overall a great weekend with James and Ollie coming 18th overall (beating his Dad crewing on a Hurricane by 5 places!!) and Jess and Ria finishing their first ever regatta in 27th place (they beat a Hobie FX one and a Dart 18 ... cool).

Please come next year ... we were a very lonely fleet of 2!!!
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