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Comments for 'Youth Trials 2007 report from Hannah'
Posted by NickH on the 16 April 2007
Below is Hannah's report on the Hayling Trials - an early contender for the best report of the season!

Day 1- Tuesday
Sitting, Waiting, Wishing…
The first day of the event turned into a waiting game. Having arrived and fully rigged for 8, we then spent the next 8 hours hanging about, a bit of ultimate Frisbee, a bit of tanning, quite a lot of stone throwing, a stray dog, and then finally at 4 we could go home. (after waiting of course for pasta time) The 29ers and the Laser Radials managed to get out on the water for 2 races in the harbour at about 3, but no such luck, or maybe it was better, for us.

Day 2- Wednesday
Arriving at 8, fully rigged, we started waiting again, this time the Frisbee took place a lot earlier and there was no stray dog to annoy. The water looking like a mirror, a 2 hour postponement was called. At about 4 o’clock we were sent to race in the channel right off our beach, the tide adding an extra challenge to simple manoeuvres. After a nice start from Ryan and Lizzie the fleet drifted upwind…. Only to still be drifting half an hour later, so the race was abandoned. Hannah and Steph were so prepared they whipped out their paddle, but were beaten to the beach by Rory and Fergus. The Laser Standards who were also on our course were abandoned on their second lap, and the 420’s managed one race.

Day 3- Thursday
Thursday looked better from the early morning with a nice breeze of about 12knots. Because of the lack of races, the start time had been made earlier, so we launched at 9.30 and sailed out to our course, this time in its allocated area, offshore of South Hayling. The first race started and the wind had already begun to drop so there was no opportunity for trapezing. With Richard and Andy taking an early lead, the fleet quickly spread out. Race 2 saw similar conditions with most of the action taking place mid-fleet between Ryan and Seb jockeying for position around Hannah. Race 3 saw an amazing start from Hannah and Steph, with the flagman twitching but never able to raise the flag. Ryan taking an excellent first leg then gave Luke a run for his money only to be overtaken on the last downwind. After the race finished the wind completely died and we were all towed back to our beach.
At the end of the first racing day 1. Richard and Andy
2. Luke and Sam
3. Ryan and Lizzie

Day 4- Friday
Another bright and early start saw us launch again at 9.30. There was about 8knots of wind on our sail to the course area, which took over half an hour to reach.
The first race started well with the fleet keeping together more. This time Richard and Andy were never the clear leaders with places jostling throughout the fleet.
The second race started in about 4knots of breeze and saw James (first time Hobie racer) round the windward mark first. The wind then dropped to 0 for the downwind leg where all kites collapsed. After a major windshift we managed to make the next upwind mark on one tack, with a shortened course finish line at the top.
By the third race the wind had increased to a steady 5knots. A much shorter course saw a quick race which was finished with very close positionings between the 3 lead boats.
The race officer then gave us an extra race to finish the day. The first lap was led by James who had a good upwind beat out to the right corner. Hannah having to do a 360 for naughty tacking was then battling with Rory on the downwind. Luke also had a challenge with Ryan. The next upwind saw a mixture of strategies with no apparent favour for the left or right, this saw a change of positions at the top mark, and another battle downwind for Hannah and Ryan who went through the last gate together, unfortunately the tide pushing Ryan just too close to the buoy, resulting in a last minute 360.
At the end of the 2nd racing day 1. Andy and Richard
2. Sam and Luke
3. Steph and Hannah

Day 5- Saturday
The last day of the event was forecast for little wind, but when we arrived early in the morning it was blowing 5-10knots so we all launched at scheduled time of 9.30. It was only a few minutes into our sail to the course area when the wind had almost died down completely, and after 45mins we reached the committee boat hardly moving. The postponement flag was flying and it was another long wait before the 420’s and Lasers even got close to the committee boat. With the wind changing direction regularly and 0knots of breeze we waited until 12 floating round the committee boat. We were then told that a decision would be made in the next half hour as to whether we would race or get towed back in. By this time most people had stripped down to the bare minimum and were enjoying the hottest day yet of this year. The half an hour passed with no increase in the wind and all races were abandoned, meaning the final positions were fixed.
After a leisurely de-rig and general laze about, prize giving was held on the balcony of the club.
Winners were…
1st Independent Sailors- Ryan and Lizzie

1st, Hobie 16 Youth National Champions- Richard and Andrew
2nd- Luke and Sam
3rd, and 1st Girls- Hannah and Steph
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