how to reef
Message #852 by:  Reefer
Posted on:  Tuesday 6th of April 2004 at 2:14 pm
yes, the '16 does have reefing points.
to reef:-
fit sail to boom as normal except-
attach goosenect to tack point 18" up the luff
attach the outhaul to the clew point 18" up the leech
roll excess sail up tightly and secure with shockcord or
thin rope above the boom and tighten outhaul.
Pull main up the mast
you know the little ferrule on the halyard that hooks up
on the front of the mast? Well look again, there are two!
Hook it up in the usual way to this second ferrule, slot in
the gooseneck, apply downhaul and attach mainsheet
and go sailing!
It needs to be seriously blowing dogs off chains for a
reefed sixteen!

the reefster

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