RE: Hobie16 Wanted any tips?
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Posted on:  Wednesday 11th of September 2002 at 11:22 am
Go for a boat that has internal tracks for the travellers - these came in after about 1991/2 and started from about sail number 93000.

You probably want to get a LE model rather than an SE model. The LE's have Harken blocks, mesh tramp, white knight rudder blades (gel coat/carbon, not plastic), cleats on the batten ends.

Check that the hulls have not been worn away at the bottom by too much sailing up the beach and also check that the front cross beam has no cracks under it in the middle where the dolphin striker goes in.

You may want to check the sails are good and have been looked after. If they are rolled from the top when you see them it is a good sign as rolling from the bottom is a sign of misuse! Also check the bolt rope for excess wear especially at the batten ends. Last of all, check that the mast is straight.

If you are considering racing and are not too heavy, try to get white sails. They are all cut pretty flat and you won't be too obvious on the course.

That's about it. There seem to be loads on the market at the moment, good hunting.

Have fun.


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