Attention for anyone selling there boat
Message #1035 by:  URGENT
Posted on:  Wednesday 8th of September 2004 at 6:20 pm
someone just tryed to scam me hears the email:

From : frank williams
Sent : 08 September 2004 10:36:06
To : "***********"
Subject : payment and shipping info........................

| | | Inbox

Hello ********,
Thanks a lot for the mail respond.As i said in my last mail, i
have made arrangment for the shippment of the{Hobie **}as soon
as we seal this transaction.there"s one more thing i want you to
understand before will continue the transaction,there's A client of
mine in UK is owing me some fund in (£6,500}and i have inform him
about this transaction and he told me that he will send you a cheque
drawn from UK bank in your name and as soon as you receive the cheque
and once the cheque is clear,You will deduct the cost of your
{ £3450}and my remaining balance will be send back to my shipping
company via western union money transfer for immediate shipping
arrangment, the reason why i want you to send the remaining balance
to them,is i have some items that i buy in italy in which they want
to ship for me with your{Hobie **}as son as the cheque clear
from your bank,so that they can come to your house for the pick up in
your house and the rest consignment i buy in italy.the reason i can't
tell my cleint to issue me the cheque direct is is that it takes 2 to
3 days for a cashier's cheque to clear in your country while because
is cheque from uk bank and it takes a longer time for a cheque to
clear in my country in holland.i will want you to reason with me and
i need your asistance in this situation because this is the only way
i can collect my money from my client,if this is okay with you do get
back to me immediately with your full name, contact address and phone
full number for me to instruct my client to issue the cheque in your
name by tomorow.hope to read from you soonest. Thanks And best

The way he is scaming me is that the cheque he sends me is real so it clear and then he clears his account and then 10 days later it bounces and the bank ask for there money back and you lose the extra money that you send back to him. so in the long run you lose £3000

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