Buying a dinghy
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Posted on:  Monday 30th of August 2004 at 12:36 pm
I am new to sailing and looking to buy my first dinghy - i really need one that will be easy to handle single handed but big enough for 2 or 3 people. I have 2 young boys who i would like to join me sometimes - so stability is important.

I've been looking at the dart 16 could someone let me know if this is a good choice or should i be looking at something else.

i've hoping to go the the southampton boat show in sept so it would be good to get some feedback before then

john - from leicester

Dart 16
Message #1022 by:  Jon
Posted on:  Thursday 2nd of September 2004 at 10:54 pm
Dart 16 - not as fast as a H 16, but much more stable and plenty volume for 3 not too heavy people.

Dart 16 singlehanded rated as fast as H 16.

Dart 16 much less likely to pitchpole, easier to right.

Hobie 15
Message #1030 by:  Jon
Posted on:  Tuesday 7th of September 2004 at 9:37 am
Hobie 15 is an brilliant boat its very easy to sailing handed and to easy to rite it has twin trapeze and it can take 4 adults.

4 Adults ?
Message #1031 by:  Jono
Posted on:  Tuesday 7th of September 2004 at 10:53 am
Who wants to put 4 adults on a 15 ft cat ?

Hobie 15
Message #1032 by:  Jon
Posted on:  Tuesday 7th of September 2004 at 1:04 pm

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