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Wildwind sailing holidays!

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2008 Events Updated - Posted by NickH on the 7 December 2007
The Events Page now shows the events, training and Cat Intro Days planned for 2008. Also included are other significant events on the F18 calendar and the long distance East Coast Piers Race which is open to both Hobie Dragoons and Hobie 16s
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Happy Christmas from RSA - Posted by NickH on the 28 November 2007

Thanks for a memorable year....
'not all of our 70 new sailors from 2007 are in this picture but the sentiments come from them all'
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Buy 3 in advance get one free - Posted by NickH on the 15 November 2007
The BHCCA commiittee would like to reward those that commit to training up front. If each team commits and pays for three of the next four training sessions in advance it will get the fourth one free.

For the Dragoons up at Datchet this will have the added advantage of taking your boat up and rigging it this weekend and not have to de-rig till February 3rd (or February 24th if you also commit to the Datchet Winter Warmer Series). Effectively it is free winter storage. To take advantage of this offer please bring along the completed (attached) training form and cheque made out to the BHCCA. Cost per training weekend is £40 per sailor / £80 per boat.

For the 16's the same deal applies. If you let Paul W have a cheque and completed training form you too will get four training sessions for the price of three.
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Cat Intro Day at Herne Bay - Posted by NickH on the 29 October 2007
 Saturday October 20 2007 - a big day. But not just for English and South African Rugby fans with the World Cup Final in Paris. It was the day that 18 junior sailors would be introduced to catamaran sailing at Herne Bay Sailing Club.

Dave Boniface and Nick Henson from the BHCCA arrived early with 4 Hobie Dragoons. Coach Nick Tayler had come up from Warsash, having recently come back from catamaran coaching in the warmer waters of Wildwind’s resort in Vasiliki.

Herne Bay Sailing Club members Freya and Alice Sanders had recently taken delivery of one of the BHCCA’s charter Dragoons and this had created something of a stir with their friends there. Dad Mark had seen the interest and worked with Dave to organise the Cat Intro Day. The idea had been conceived only about a month earlier. Initially it was thought demand would be 5 or 6 youngsters, as how many raw recruits would want to start their cat sailing adventure in October’s colder climate? There was little time to publicise the event and cat sailors in general were pre-occupied with the 2 RYA submissions to ISAF. Mark got in touch with the youth sections of neighbouring clubs at Minnis Bay, Tankerton and Whitstable.

With a large area of high pressure sitting over the country there was very little wind first thing, but at least the sun was shining. This allowed the rigging of the boats to be finished by the adults. There were 5 Hobie Dragoons, 2 Topaz 16CX’s, kindly supplied by Rob White, and a Dart 16 supplied by a club member. After the initial introduction, Nick Tayler demonstrated the skills of tacking, gybing, hoisting kites and finally capsizes on dry land. During that time a 5 knot wind had built up. So it was a quick change and the cats and support boats were launched. The group picked up the basic skills very quickly in the morning’s hour and a half session. Everyone came back with smiles on their faces, although some were a little cold.

After a quick lunch, they were on the water again but this time wearing trapeze harnesses. The youngsters swapped around on the boats so all had a chance to try out the different kit. Initially the wind was good but died off towards the end of the 2 hour session. Still they all managed to have a great time twin trapezing, one each side of the boat. Some even took the opportunity for capsize practice.

Julia Rees and Eleanor Rouse were very impressed with their boat saying they could not believe how much faster it moved and how easy it was to rig and de-rig. Charles and Harry Willett had only started sailing monohulls this year. They had persuaded their dad to miss their club’s laying up supper and join the BHCCA RYA training at Weston the following weekend instead. The day had generated a lot of interest from parents and children alike.

Around 5pm Nick Tayler gave them the important de-brief session and Dave Boniface took them through the options they have available for carrying on, including the Dragoon Charter programme, the RYA sponsored training and events offered on the catamaran youth programme. The Hobie Cat Centre had kindly donated some caps and T shirts for the participants.

By the time we had got the boats back on the road trailers and said our goodbyes and travelled home, we managed to see the last 30 minutes of the Rugby World Cup Final. Our boys were beaten by a better team and were gracious in defeat. Something we can all learn from.

More Cat Intro days are being planned now. There is one already booked for Alton Water Sailing Club, near Ipswich in February. There is also RYA sponsored catamaran training taking place at Datchet Water on November 17/18, December 1/2 and January 5/6. Please contact Nick Henson ([email protected] or 07968 310077) if you would like more details on Intro Days or how to get involved in the youth catamaran training programme.
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Sam and Nikki win Dragoon RYA Zones - Posted by NickH on the 29 October 2007
 Sam Rowles and Nikki Boniface teamed up to make a formidable team to win the RYA Dragoon Zones at the WPNSA on September 30th. The Dragoon numbers were bolstered by guest appearances from Hobie 16 sailors Sam, Nikki, Adam Butler and Gilly Sutcliffe. Sam & Nikki won the first 4 races with Adam & Gilly winning the last race.

There was some very impressive sailing from all 4 teams, particularly the beat away from the slipway where all 4 teams were twin trapezing on the way out to the course. It certainly impressed the parents from the Mirror fleet.

A good weekend for the Rowles family with brother Will winning the 7.8 Windsurfer class.

Next year we have to get more Dragoons there than Fevas!
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January Class Training - Posted by NickH on the 19 October 2007
January Class Training will again take place at Datchet Water on January 5th and 6th 2008. Those participating in the training during November and December 2007 will be able to leave their boats at Datchet.
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New Training Venue October - Posted by NickH on the 5 October 2007
Training on October 27th and 28th will now take place at Weston Sailing Club, Southampton. The following week is the Weston TT so you will be able to leave your boats there for the week.
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2007 Nationals - Posted by NickH on the 31 August 2007
Picture!  Thursday August 16 – Day one of the training – too much wind! Marcus had the difficult job of shore based training 4 new Dragoon teams along with the existing old hands. To liven up proceedings, Ria’s Mum Roe decided to christen the new camper with a daring display using kitchen knives culminating in visit to Eastbourne General Hospital. Two hours later and Roe return with 11 stitches and a sling.

Class room training ended early and many of the sailors went swimming at the “Souvenir Centre”.

Friday August 17 – Day two of the training – a new day with hardly any wind. Simon trained the Dragoons and Marcus the Hobie 16’s. Ria and Jess went for a blast to France and pitched it, whilst one of the new Dragoon teams got blown downwind to Bexhill. With Marcus and the Hobie 16’s west of Sovereign Harbour, Simon was racing from one boat to another in a very widely spread Dragoon fleet. Try to keep together next time kids!

The wind picked up in the afternoon resulting in fewer Dragoons going out. Those that did thoroughly enjoyed it. Adam and Gilly got some useful capsize practice in the strengthening winds!

There were a host of new arrivals and Steve T and Chris R showed us what good fun a Hobie 16 can be. A string of A level results were announced – congratulations on some very impressive results.

Saturday August 18 – a very windy day with no racing, which was a shame as it probably, was the ideal conditions for the newly formed (heavyweight) team of Laming & Henson!!
Another visit to the souvenir centre followed by Garry’s Pig Roast and a master class from the big fella in limbo dancing.

Sunday August 19 – at last some racing. Ad & Gilly win their first race in the Hobie 16 SPI, but Seb & Nikki win the next 2. James & Kelly also get two bullets in the Dragoon and are pipped on the line in race 3 by Sean. Dave and Emma Boniface go one better with 3 straight bullets in the Hobie 16 non-Spi.

Following the BHCCA AGM, there’s am excellent BBQ from PBSC.

Monday August 20 – A race officer’s nightmare with a falling wind predicted to change 180 degrees in direction. Race 4 was dominated by the Rowles’ clan with Hannah ably assisted by Steph Wall winning the Hobie 16 SPI and Nick and Will winning the Dragoon race. Paul James and Anthony Delow won the Hobie 16 non SPI race.

The poor race officer tried in vein to get a further race in, but the wind came in several times with rain then promptly dropped to zero. In the end racing was abandoned for the day and most of us got towed in.

Thanks to all at Pevensey for the great effort needed to run a Nationals, particularly the race officer, rescue crews and catering staff.
Hobie 16 SPI
1. Seb Greber and Nikki Boniface PBSC
2. Rachel Scarfe & Tom Walker WWSC
3. Adam Butler & Gilly Sutcliffe Highcliffe SC

1. James Henson & Kelly Henson Parkstone YC Youth and Open
2. Sean Sutcliffe Highcliffe SC 2nd Open
3. Freya Sanders & Alice Sanders Herne Bay SC 2nd Youth
4. Dominic Davies& Pippa Davies Alton Water SC 3rd Youth

Hobie 16 non SPI
1. Dave & Emma Boniface PBSC
2. Paul James & Anthony Delow PBSC
3. James O’Leary & Tom O’Leary PBSC
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Adam and Gilly win Gold - Posted by NickH on the 14 August 2007
Picture!  On Tuesday July 31, the British Adam Butler and Gilly Sutcliffe won the Hobie Dragoon Europeans 2007. Although they dominated the competition, their victory was not taken for granted on the final day. After a day and night of strong onshore wind, the surf was huge with a light north-westerly breeze. All boats experienced difficulties sailing through the breakers including 2 inverted ribs. James Henson and Oliver Amphlett performed strongly with three seconds, which pushed them to the second place overall. The French boys Antoine Bezile and Quintin le Tallec won bronze.

“It feels great”, responded Gilly Sutcliffe happily to the congratulations of winning the European title. At the beginning of the championship, Adam announced that this would be their last Hobie Dragoon event, as they will continue on the Hobie 16 with spinnaker. Gilly said about their final day: “The conditions were light, in which we did not do very well. We won the last race and finished fourth and third in the others.” While almost running the Hobie Dragoon towards the dunes, Gilly recalled the spectacular morning. “That was exciting. We managed just about the stay upright in the surf. I don’t think we have ever gone to such high breakers. It was pretty impressive.”

Silver medallist Oliver Amphlett (14) called it ‘quiet scary’, but according to his skipper James Henson (12) they crossed the surf ‘pretty safely’. They had a good afternoon with three seconds. Henson: “There was a strong tide going from the right to the left.” Amphlett continues: “That affected the lay-line a bit. We used the current to drift to the mark, so we tacked halfway the course.” The teenagers had a fierce battle with Butler/Sutcliffe and the French duo Bezile/Le Tallec. Henson: “It was close racing, much closer than on the other days.”

In his winning speech Adam gave special thanks to the event organizers, the event coaches (Paul & Brian) and their parents.

In the Hobie 16 Youth, Richard and Andy finished fifth with two bullets in races 8 & 9. Seb & Nikki had a creditable 18th, just ahed of Rachel & Tom 19th, Hannah & Steph 22nd, Ryan & Lizzie 27th and Rory & Fergus 40th.

In the Masters our “old boys” Boniface & Glover did us proud with an overall 8th.

In the Hobie 16 Gold fleet Richard and Andy were top Brits with an overall 12th including a win in race 4. Hannah & Steph finished 52nd and Dave & Emma 61st.

In the Hobie 16 Silver Rachel & Tom managed an excellent 6th including a win and two second places. Seb & Nikki were 11th, Ryan & Lizzie 25th, Neil & Malcolm 40th, Rory & Fergus 47th and Ben & Josh 48th.
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Richard and Andy win Gold at ISAF Worlds - Posted by NickH on the 23 July 2007
Picture!  Press release on ISAF Youth 2007 Website - Multihull Open: GBR Gold, DEN Silver, AUS Bronze
Britain’s Glover brothers, Richard (18) and Andrew (15), from Weymouth, Dorset, led the multihull open division from start to finish. But it wasn’t all plain sailing; they were always being pressed by Danish team of Emil Landry/Jacob Dannefer who were nipping at their heels throughout the series and eventually took the silver medal, four marks behind.

The Australian duo of Jason Waterhouse/Michael McCormick were always in contention, finally taking the bronze medal with 29 points.
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Correction for Stokes Bay TT - Posted by NickH on the 6 July 2007
Please note that the date for the Stokes Bay TT is September 8 2007 and not September 1 as originally posted.
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Bognor TT - Posted by NickH on the 31 August 2007
Picture!  Bognor Regis YC was again the host for a Hobie Cat Open following on from last year’s successful event. The club staged their own Pimms Cup simultaneously putting around 20 cats on to the water. The club although small has a particularly strong catamaran presence. The number of visiting Hobie youth sailors was down on last year due to school examinations.

The race officer for Saturday quickly communicated that racing would be postponed due to worries of a big surf break around high tide. The RO must have some sixth sense as the force 4 forecast turned into a force 6 gusting 7 with a large chop, particularly for us sailors used to the calmer waters of Poole and Portland Harbours. Another announcement was made at 14:15, with very few home Hobie and Dart sailors at the club and the wind showing little sign of dropping the RO decided to cancel racing for the day. Similar conditions were found down the coast at Worthing, where the F18s did not start racing till 16:00.

On Sunday morning the conditions had moderated slightly and with little sign of a course being laid, the Hobie youth sailors decided that having spent a day waiting around they could wait no more. Seeing the youth manage the conditions inspired the other competitors and race committee and racing started around 11:00.

Rachel and new crew Tom Walker gave a superb demonstration of how to sail a 16 spi and romped home to a convincing win being first across the line and first on handicap. James and Ollie on the Dragoon started to master the large waves and although 12 minutes behind Rachel were second on handicap. Paul Adams and Mike Hughes came in third on their non Spi 16.

Strangely in race 2 the day’s RO decided to make the only Dragoon use a closer upwind mark, thereby excluding them from the handicap process. The RO on day 1 had already indicated that all boats were to sail the same course and if he had to shorten the Dragoon after 2 laps he would. Day 1’s RO was now overseas on vacation.

Rachel and Tom dominated racing for the day with 3 bullets. Tom certainly knows how to hoist a kite quickly! James Hawkes and Marianna Brett also started to get to grips with conditions and were closing in with each race.

Final results were:
Hobie 16
1st Rachel Scarfe / Tom Walker
2nd James Hawkes / Marianna Brett
3rd John Oliver / Emma Beattie

1st James Henson / Ollie Amphlett

Thanks to BRYC for another good event.
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Hobie Europeans link - Posted by NickH on the 29 June 2007
Picture!  A link to the Hobie Europeans 2007 website can be found on the left hand side of the page
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Training Dates 2007 - Posted by NickH on the 29 June 2007
Training dates for the remainder of the year have been added to the Events list
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Ellies Carnac Report - Posted by NickH on the 6 June 2007
The first two days were training for both the dragoons and the 16's.
The Dragoons had to be down at the beach for 10am all rigged and ready to do some fitness and the 16's ready for 1pm.
We all sat and waited. After a few hours of fun beach football, running up and down the beach a few times and finding a small patch of grass somewhere to do our morning stretches, we finally saw a bit of wind, so off we went to get changed.
We ended up doing a bit of sailing upwind and downwind until it was time for us to go in.
The next day the wind was lighter. Although it was only about half an hour of debating we decided we would go out for a fun session. It was great fun although nearly all of us got wet from either capsizing or diving in after the ball.

Day 1 of racing. 2o'clock start.
We all arrived on time, only to find thick mist which meant we couldn't see what the wind was like at all. Once it had nearly cleared, we found that there was no wind behind it. We were all disappointed and after the postponement came down there was still no wind! We had to go out. After our endless trek to the start line our committee boat messed around for about an hour and finally at 4 o'clock we started our race. Once we started there was no turning back. We were racing against the SL16's, a Hobie Max and various other boats. This meant that we were the slowest boats. We had all just started the second lap when the committee boat and crew all came round saying all races abandoned. There was a cheer of joy from everyone. At last, at 8 o'clock we were free to go in.

Day 2 of racing. 11o'clock start.
After a disappointing first day for the Dragoons, as we all got timed out, we were all determined to get some better results. Luckily there actually some wind. We all went out , the Tigers flying hulls, the 16's having fun, but not really enough wind for us Dragoons.
Day 2 ended in some better results for the Dragoons. We all managed to finish a race. In the 16 fleet both GBR teams did well.

Day 3 of racing. The raid!
There wasn't quite enough wind to do the full raid, so the committee decided they would shorten it quite substantially.
Once we had all got out to the biggest start line many of us have ever seen, they started the 15 minute start sequence.
5...4...3...2...1...General recall. Another 15 minute start sequence. 5...4...3...2...1... GO!!!
Off we went. It was a great experience, just being on the start line.
Unfortunately none of the youth GBR boats finished because it took us Dragoons about 2 hours to do the shortest upwind.
However Paul and Emma finished first Dart 18, so not all bad.

Day 4. Last Day!!!
Where had the week gone?
We were all sad it was the last day but we had had great fun, ie. the sailing obviously, the swimming pool!, and the going into town and getting ice creams and smoothies.
The wind was not perfect but there was no postponement so we all got off the water at 9am, the scheduled time. All the GBR squad did well.

Prize Giving
The Dragoon results were not very good overall, as they were put with the SL16's and the odds and ends.
Paul Wakelin and Emma went up about 4 times to collect their prizes for various things. It seemed as if they won all the prizes.

Ed's comment - there was also an unfortunate incident where Richard and Andy were expected to pick up 1st place for the 16's, but found out at the prizegiving that they were OCS in the last race and calls for redress fell on deaf ears. Still they remain winners in the eyes of the Brits and indeed the other competitors on the podium!

Overall it was a fantastic week in Carnac and I hope to go next year.
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Hobie Europeans Update - Posted by NickH on the 1 June 2007
The latest information from Ute Vrijburg at EHCA:
The Hobie 16 & Hobie Dragoon Europeans 2007 will be sailed off the Dutch coast of ‘s Gravenzande, close the The Hague and Scheveningen. From July 28 until August 4, about 150 teams will face the elements of the North Sea in their battle for European titles in five classes: Hobie 16 with spinnaker youth, master (from the age of 45), women, Hobie Dragoon youth and Hobie 16 Open. So far, the organization has received 33 pre-entries, representing 11 countries in the Open class. For the Dutch Hobie Cat community, it is definitely a revival of the more that thirty years old Hobie 16 competition. Twelve young crews with eight nationalities have registered for the Hobie 16 with spinnaker, the ISAF youth catamaran. This fleet is expected to increase up to thirty until fifty participants. Registration is open until July 1st.

It all starts with the two-day Women and Master (from the age of 45) championships on Saturday July 28th. Youth sailors in the Hobie 16 with spinnaker and Hobie Dragoon will race from July 28 until 31. The qualifications for the Open Class will start on July 30 and the finals on August 1st. “If you look at the pre-entries, it is obvious that many former Hobie 16-sailors use the opportunity as a come-back”, says Ute Vrijburg, Event Director on behalf of the European Hobie Cat Association (EHCA). “In that perspective, it is like a revival of the Hobie 16 in the Netherlands.” This most popular catamaran ever, was introduced to the American market in 1969 and it dominated the Dutch catamaran sport for years. The coastal sailing club ‘s Gravenzande (KZVG) and the EHCA may organize the 33rd edition of the Hobie Cat 16 European Championship, under the leadership of Race Director Rob Hoogstra. The challenge for competitors is about fighting the elements, such as current, tides, waves and surf. It is also about competition and socializing with fellow sailors from all over Europe.

Rising stars

The Hobie 16 with spinnaker is an ISAF recognized youth catamaran and therefore one of the classes at the ISAF Youth Sailing Worlds. That means this multihull is worldwide the training boat for sailors under the age of 21, who are aiming at a career in the Olympic Tornado. The Hobie Dragoon is a new youth catamaran with spinnaker and double trapeze. If both crew members are under the age of 16, they compete in the junior class. It is also possible to race with a parent in the open class. Subscription for the Hobie Dragoon Europeans 2007 has started in May.

Professional training sessions

In order to maintain the level or to improve it, the organization offers professional training sessions prior to the start of the races. From July 25 until 27, top trainers Brian Phipps (GBR) and Cédéric Bader (FRA) are ready to help participants. Phipps is a former RYA coach. Nowadays he trains sailors all over the world, works as youth co-ordinator for the Hobie class and is the British national coach for the Hobie 16 with spinnaker and Hobie Dragoon. Bader won the 2005 Europeans Hobie 16 and Hobie 16 with spinnaker. In 2006, he added the Youth World Title Hobie 16 with spi to his performance record. The training sessions in ‘s Gravenzande are open for Hobie 16 and Hobie Dragoon. During the weekend of July 28-29, the Hobie 16 teams are welcome to warm up at the Westland Cup, also organized by KZGZ.

Race schedule Hobie 16 & Hobie Dragoon Europeans 2007:

Hobie 16 Spi, youth, 28 July – 31 July
Hobie Dragoon, youth, 28 July – 31 July
Hobie 16 Master, 28 July – 29 July
Hobie 16 Women, 28 July – 29 July
Hobie 16 Open, qualification, 30 July – 31 July
Hobie 16 Open, finals, 1 August – 4 August

The Hobie 16 & Hobie Dragoon Europeans 2007 are sponsored by: I-Drukker, Carrier Airconditioning, the Greenery, Autobedrijf Schoenmeijer, Vakantiepark Vlugtenburg aan zee, Tomselect, Ernst Olieman BV, Hogenboom vakantieparken, AfvalisHipenSexy.nl, Wealco Systemen BV, Westland Energie Services, ProfMedia BV, Rabobank, Boekestijn Transport Service, De Parel, Center Line, Hoeve de Viersprong, Colour XL, IkSloopGoedkoop.nl, Kwekerij Rozenhof, Ariën Hofman, Combifleuren Hobie Cat Holland BV.
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Bala Cat Open - Posted by NickH on the 30 June 2007
Picture!  Thanks to Jess Findlay for the following excellent report...

Twenty nine boats signed on for the Bala Catamaran Open. Representing the Hobie Youth Fleet were James Henson and Oliver Amphlett and Ria Morris and Jess Findlay. Day 1 started with no wind and racing was postponed for 2 hours. But then the wind picked up to about 10 knots and we managed to get in 3 good races. James and Oliver finished 21st and Ria and Jess 25th in race 1. Race 2 was a little more interesting for team Morris/Findlay! “We were going for it on the start ... big mistake!! We were being forced down the line by an F18 and ran out of water. We looked and the only way to go was to hit the shiny new F18 or to crash into Ria’s Dad. The latter seemed a better option...ooops! To cap it all, we then capsized – the first of many.” James and Oliver finished the race in 22nd place whilst Ria and Jess finished 26th. Race 3 saw Ria and Jess achieve their best result ... wait for it ... 22nd!! Yeah!!!! James and Oliver came 17th. In one of the races, a very naughty boat on port refused to get out of the way of James and Ollie but more on that later.

In the evening, we went to the neighbouring Bala Sailing Club where Jess, Kelly, Ollie and James got roped into a horse race. James won the race whilst Ollie snapped the horses head off. You had to be there!

Day 2. It howled all night and day 2 became self preservation. Jess was unable to race due a weird illness so Ria’s cousin Michael stepped in but wished he hadn’t by the end of the race. Race 4 saw James capsize and retire. Ria and Michael went in 4 times in 200yards and one of the rescue team were about to dive in to rescue Mike because he got stuck under the turtled boat but then fortunately his head popped up and he got back on the boat. They retired for the day shortly after. James and Oliver did well though in the extremely difficult conditions. There were boats capsizing everywhere but James decided not to use the jib and spinnaker and cruised round the course gaining an 11th and 15th place. At the end of the day the protest committee formed to hear James’ protest against the offending port boat from the previous day. Unfortunately James lost on an admin technicality but the race committee said how impressed they were that someone so young was committed to upholding the rules of sailing when so many other adults just ignore the rules and how well he conducting himself. Nice one James and sink him next time!!

Day 3 saw less wind but it picked up again later in the day. Jess was feeling better and so resumed her place on the front of the boat. James and Oliver got a 23rd and a 16th. Ria and Jess got a 24th and then retired from the final race having performed an acrobatic capsize and required outside assistance to recover the boat.

Overall a great weekend with James and Ollie coming 18th overall (beating his Dad crewing on a Hurricane by 5 places!!) and Jess and Ria finishing their first ever regatta in 27th place (they beat a Hobie FX one and a Dart 18 ... cool).

Please come next year ... we were a very lonely fleet of 2!!!
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Youth Trials 2007 report from Hannah - Posted by NickH on the 16 April 2007
Picture!  Below is Hannah's report on the Hayling Trials - an early contender for the best report of the season!

Day 1- Tuesday
Sitting, Waiting, Wishing…
The first day of the event turned into a waiting game. Having arrived and fully rigged for 8, we then spent the next 8 hours hanging about, a bit of ultimate Frisbee, a bit of tanning, quite a lot of stone throwing, a stray dog, and then finally at 4 we could go home. (after waiting of course for pasta time) The 29ers and the Laser Radials managed to get out on the water for 2 races in the harbour at about 3, but no such luck, or maybe it was better, for us.

Day 2- Wednesday
Arriving at 8, fully rigged, we started waiting again, this time the Frisbee took place a lot earlier and there was no stray dog to annoy. The water looking like a mirror, a 2 hour postponement was called. At about 4 o’clock we were sent to race in the channel right off our beach, the tide adding an extra challenge to simple manoeuvres. After a nice start from Ryan and Lizzie the fleet drifted upwind…. Only to still be drifting half an hour later, so the race was abandoned. Hannah and Steph were so prepared they whipped out their paddle, but were beaten to the beach by Rory and Fergus. The Laser Standards who were also on our course were abandoned on their second lap, and the 420’s managed one race.

Day 3- Thursday
Thursday looked better from the early morning with a nice breeze of about 12knots. Because of the lack of races, the start time had been made earlier, so we launched at 9.30 and sailed out to our course, this time in its allocated area, offshore of South Hayling. The first race started and the wind had already begun to drop so there was no opportunity for trapezing. With Richard and Andy taking an early lead, the fleet quickly spread out. Race 2 saw similar conditions with most of the action taking place mid-fleet between Ryan and Seb jockeying for position around Hannah. Race 3 saw an amazing start from Hannah and Steph, with the flagman twitching but never able to raise the flag. Ryan taking an excellent first leg then gave Luke a run for his money only to be overtaken on the last downwind. After the race finished the wind completely died and we were all towed back to our beach.
At the end of the first racing day 1. Richard and Andy
2. Luke and Sam
3. Ryan and Lizzie

Day 4- Friday
Another bright and early start saw us launch again at 9.30. There was about 8knots of wind on our sail to the course area, which took over half an hour to reach.
The first race started well with the fleet keeping together more. This time Richard and Andy were never the clear leaders with places jostling throughout the fleet.
The second race started in about 4knots of breeze and saw James (first time Hobie racer) round the windward mark first. The wind then dropped to 0 for the downwind leg where all kites collapsed. After a major windshift we managed to make the next upwind mark on one tack, with a shortened course finish line at the top.
By the third race the wind had increased to a steady 5knots. A much shorter course saw a quick race which was finished with very close positionings between the 3 lead boats.
The race officer then gave us an extra race to finish the day. The first lap was led by James who had a good upwind beat out to the right corner. Hannah having to do a 360 for naughty tacking was then battling with Rory on the downwind. Luke also had a challenge with Ryan. The next upwind saw a mixture of strategies with no apparent favour for the left or right, this saw a change of positions at the top mark, and another battle downwind for Hannah and Ryan who went through the last gate together, unfortunately the tide pushing Ryan just too close to the buoy, resulting in a last minute 360.
At the end of the 2nd racing day 1. Andy and Richard
2. Sam and Luke
3. Steph and Hannah

Day 5- Saturday
The last day of the event was forecast for little wind, but when we arrived early in the morning it was blowing 5-10knots so we all launched at scheduled time of 9.30. It was only a few minutes into our sail to the course area when the wind had almost died down completely, and after 45mins we reached the committee boat hardly moving. The postponement flag was flying and it was another long wait before the 420’s and Lasers even got close to the committee boat. With the wind changing direction regularly and 0knots of breeze we waited until 12 floating round the committee boat. We were then told that a decision would be made in the next half hour as to whether we would race or get towed back in. By this time most people had stripped down to the bare minimum and were enjoying the hottest day yet of this year. The half an hour passed with no increase in the wind and all races were abandoned, meaning the final positions were fixed.
After a leisurely de-rig and general laze about, prize giving was held on the balcony of the club.
Winners were…
1st Independent Sailors- Ryan and Lizzie

1st, Hobie 16 Youth National Champions- Richard and Andrew
2nd- Luke and Sam
3rd, and 1st Girls- Hannah and Steph
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Datchet TT1 Results added - Posted by NickH on the 6 April 2007
The corrected results from the Datchet TT have been added and a report will follow (thanks Eric!) Hannah has also 'volunteered to write a report for the Hobie 16 Hayling trials (thanks Hannah).
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Cat Intro Competition - Posted by NickH on the 2 March 2007
Picture!  The Class Association is holding its annual Catamaran Introduction weekend on 14 / 15 April, only this year there is an added bonus for those taking part; the chance of winning a free Dragoon Charter package!

The event will be held at the Weymouth Sailing Academy with the hopeful youngsters having to attend one days sailing. Coaching on cats will be given by one of the countries top coaches in the morning, with the afternoons being used for a number of short races. All this will take places on the RYA’s fleet of Dart 16s, so the competition is totally fair and the competitors only have to get themselves and their personal sailing equipment to the venue.

The team that comes out on top in the racing will be offered a free Dragoon Charter for their efforts, and an invitation to join the training program. This doesn’t mean to say that there is nothing on offer for the rest of the youngsters, because if they show potential and are keen to work hard there may be opportunities to take up a Dragoon Charter on the normal basis and join the training program. Details are available from the Dragoon Charter section of this site.
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Revised Training Venues - Posted by NickH on the 27 February 2007
The events list has been updated with the latest training venues.
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F18 Worlds - Posted by NickH on the 26 February 2007
F18 Worlds - Yeppoon, Australia see http://2007f18worlds.com/results/f18-worlds_overall.html for full results including a win for Hugh and Tom in Race 15!
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Datchet Winter Warm Up results added - Posted by NickH on the 26 February 2007
The overall results for the Datchet Winter Warm Up have been added. The catamaran results are under Fleet 4. Thanks to Datchet for organising a great event.
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New links added - Posted by NickH on the 5 February 2007
Picture!  Links to the 2007 Hobie 16 Worlds in Fiji and the 2008 Tiger and Dragoon Worlds in Langebaan have been added
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2006 TT Results now online - Posted by NickH on the 29 January 2007
The results from the 2006 TT races are now on the results page.
Once again congratulations to Richard and Andy Glover, Steve Tildesley & Chris Roe and Adam Butler & Gilly Sutcliffe.
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Correction to Carnac dates - Posted by Admin on the 25 January 2007
Message from Garry Furneaux:
It has been brought to my attention that, the dates for Carnac are incorrect.Could you please make note of the correct dates shown below.

Training Carnac 26th/27th

Event 28th,29th,30th,1st.
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Website changes - Posted by Admin on the 25 January 2007
Just to let you know that the website has been temporarily unavailable whilst I have been trying to migrate the site to another hosting service.

I have attempted to bring the information up to date.

Please let me know if you find any problems.

Nick Henson
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Dragoon National Squad 2007 - Posted by Pauline on the 14 August 2006
Notice to all Dragoon sailors,
The RYA have informed us that the criteria for selection of the 2007 Dragoon National squad will be based on sailors performance at this months Nationals in Pwhelli and the Zone championships at WPNSA on the 30 Sept/1Oct.
The dates for the Zone champs are not on the BHCCA calander so need to be noted, more info at www.ryaevents.org.uk/zonechamps . Please also note that Dragoons will all attend the SOUTH regional champs.
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Camping at Nationals - Posted by Pauline on the 14 August 2006
Re. the Nationals at Pwllheli – I have reserved the rally field at Abererch Sands campsite for any sailors who wish to camp – its pretty big so should accommodate us all. But all those wishing to camp do need to book direct (especially if you want electric hook-up) - they take bookings over the phone (small deposit payable).

Tel: 01758 612327 or www.abererch-sands.demon.co.uk– just ask everyone to mention the catamaran sailing event when they book to ensure they are in the rally field.

This is the nearest site – only a couple of minutes drive (or 10 minutes walk along the beach).
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Proposed Rule Changes - Posted by Pauline on the 29 December 2005

Dear All,
The IHCA Rules Committee has posted 5 new rule changes for comments on the IHCA Rules Forum.
The rules for comments are:
1. Additional grommets for Hobie 16 trampolines
2. Additional grommets for Hobie 14 trampolines
3. Clarifying light weight clothing
4. Clarifying Appendix B to Youth only events
5. Adding an addition rule to the Hobie 20
Please inform your fellow Hobie sailors. If any questions or comments please let us know.
Last but not least then I would like to wish you and your families a Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year
Med venlig hilsen / Best regards
Erik Olsen
IHCA Rules Committee Chair
Alan Glover
[email protected]
Mobile: 07966 345 023
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Massive Site Changes - Posted by Admin on the 8 September 2005
Picture!  Hello and welcome to the new BHCCA Web Site. As you can see, there have been many changes around here and I'd just like to take a minute to highlight some of them.

1. Brand New User System. We encourage you to sign up to this Web Site by following the 'Register' link on the right. When you have registered you will have your own profile, access to the Members Area, and be able to post comments under news articles (like this one), and also chat in the forums.

2. Member profiles. Once you have registered, you will get your very own member profile. That means you will have your very own web address, http://hobiecat.org.uk/yourusername/! This profile can be used to show off past achievements, list some information (and a photo) about yourself and allow other people to rate you as a sailor.

3. Bigger Image Galleries. That's right! We have been enlarging our image galleries, so now we have some new photos on there. Check them out!

4. Improved Buy and Sell. We are now displaying images of the items that you wish to sell. If you would like to advertise on the Buy and Sell page, your sale prospects might be increased if you include a pic with the description. If you already are advertising items on the Buy and Sell page and wish for a picture to be displayed along with your current advert, then email the webmaster your picture and it will be placed on the site free of charge.

So take a look around, and check out everything this new Site has to offer!
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