British Hobie 16’s at the Worlds in Mexico - Report by Tom Phipps and Jon Cook


Exciting … fantastic … brilliant … hot and sunny … tense …Chance of a life time and we were there!!!

Thank you to all who made it possible.

We travelled together with our coach as the GBR team, we helped, we trained, we supported and we had fun together,


The teams : Ben Mansfield and Ben Hinks Tom Phipps and Jon Cook

The Coach : Brian Phipps


The resort and venue was fantastic, an all-inclusive place with activities, food and drink when ever you wanted, every day was hot and sunny, every day there was breeze, every day gave us a new challenge.



32 competitors from around the world, all under the age of 21 years, we were the youngest team, but that didn't stop us! Three hard days of racing, changing boats every day, tuning and preparing, determined to get a result, those French gave us a run for our money …

RESULTS 4th Tom & Jon 7th Ben & Ben


Main Event

Both the teams got through the qualifiers for the open event, 240 boats registered. 120 Hobie 16 got into the Semi Finals, and this is where it really started to change gear, world class and Olympic sailors all with something to prove and races to win, it was cut throat and so much pressure - I had never felt so tense, Jon and I sailed some fantastic races and a day into the finals we were getting some good results, unfortunately Ben and Ben didn't make the finals, but they were there for us, helping and encouraging. With the final day looming - Jon and I tried to focus, we were in 10th position with some good results, we got out there on that last day, up with the "Cat Gods", we chatted to try to relax, but we were freaked, nervous and the pressure got to us … we held our ground but lost out on a few places overall. RESULT 18th I know we could do it, I am pleased with the result, it is better than we had hoped for - but we were so close! It was in my head on that last day … We are off to the French Nationals tomorrow, then some further training before going to the ISAF Worlds in Poland, a busy time ….


Thanks to you all for your continued support. Tom Phipps 22.5.04