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Subject: re:Hobie
Date: Monday, November 12, 2001 - 17:09

The Hobie FX1 has an extremely tunable rig, i am planning to start sailing one (and weigh just under 9 stone!!), and crews of weight up to about 16 stone are viable - the rig can be tuned to cater for just about any body weight! The boat comes as standard with mainsail (16 sq m) and single trapeze, and Jib (4 sq m) and extra trapeze, spinnaker (17 sq m), and wings as optional extras! It has an aluminium mast too.

I plan to sail mine mostly with my best friend which will give us a combined crew weight of 16 stone.

I dont know of the PY number yet but i can assure you it will be pretty damn fast!

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