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   Christchurch Anyone

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  Hi - have a Pacific 18, and will be sailing from christchurch harbour; anyone on this board care to give some info on the best way of getting in & out of the run (especially on the 6kt ebb tide!) - that'd save us a lot of potential embarassment! Also looking for people to hook up with and learn from. Thanks!
  3 March 2006

   RE: Christchurch Anyone

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  15 March 2006

   RE: Christchurch Anyone

Posts: 4
The next time you are down on the quay go to the sailing Club [Highcliffe] We have a pretty busy cat fleet and there is always someone to chat to about stuff.
You are right that the run requires abit of respect, the best way to approach it is to go out with other cats and see what they do. Too many times do we see boats going out on their own in unsuitable conditions and making bit of a muck of it.
If you would like membership / club details, I can get hold of them for you or look at the website www.highcliffe sailing.org

  15 March 2006

   RE: Christchurch Anyone

Posts: 5
Cheers for that - I've hooked up with Luke, and he's come out with me, and I'm more confident now. Thanks for the post too; we'll probably join the club this year.

  14 May 2006



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