Message #594 by: Fabio Lavatelli
Posted on: Friday 22nd of August 2003 at 6:21 pm
Subject: Reducing mainsail size on HC 14

Hi friends,

On my Hobie Cat 14, I noticed that the main halyard can be locked to its hook in 2 different positions which are far from each other about 20 cm. I have also noticed that the main in its tack corner has two holes which happens to be far from each other about 20 cm again (the second hole is 20 cm over the usual one on the tack following the luff).

Is this perhaps intended to reduce the main size? If yes, how? (I mean, do I have to roll the main around the boom?) If not, what are they intended for?

Thanks in advance


Message #602 by: Ron Trent
Posted on: Thursday 28th of August 2003 at 2:08 pm
Subject: reefing 14 mainsail

if you hook the top of the sail os it hangs lower, attach
the boom and the tack to the upper hole, and the
outhaul to the upper hole at the back of the sail. You
cannot roll the sail around the boom as you need to
attach the mainsheet. When the outhaul is tight, the sail
will be the right shape, but have a bag of loose sail next
to the boom on one side. Roll it up and secure with
shock-cord through the eyelets in the sail