Message #1079 by: Justine
Posted on: Sunday 10th of October 2004 at 11:08 am
Subject: Ex Hobie 16 World's Sails

Does anyone know if you can buy these? I heard rumours that previous World's have sold off the boats and sails. But where would you find the contact details? I suppose other H16 championships such as Europeans might do this too?


Message #1081 by: Chris  (email: [email protected])
Posted on: Monday 11th of October 2004 at 11:03 am
Subject: Hobie World sails - Justine

Following a major event when Hobie supply boats/sails etc, all Hobie gear is sold off via the dealers, usually discounted. This might be the dealer at the event location or your local dealer, ie in the UK Steve Beard at Poole.
Hope this helps.