Message #651 by: Jeremy
Posted on: Friday 17th of October 2003 at 9:42 pm
Subject: Big waves


If you do sail in North Cornwall, have a go with some of the big waves in the Camel Estuary (if you haven't already). Doom Bar is aptly named (10ft+) and when the surf kicks there it is really only Hobies and kitesurfers that can go through. It has sometimes been so big and breaking that our only considered option was to say "oh s%^t" and let go everything and hold onto the front cross-bar.

We were surfing on the Polzeath waves the other day in HC16 and getting in close to the beach and the proper surfers. Bit dangerous at this time of year as there are loads of people in the water. Nov - Apr is normally the best time to surf into Polzeath through the breaking waves, but make sure you commit yourself early, get the weight right back and have a x-shore wind otherwise getting back out is a nightmare.

If you are surfing Doom Bar, having the crew out on the trapeze can be vaguely amusing as you can surf along the breaking wave with the windward hull just clear of the foam but your crew's head is right in the wave.....I don't advise doing this with girlfriends unless you know them well!!

Final point, three of us in HC16s were surfing the Bar last year and suddenly some Dolphins started playing with us and swimming between the hulls. It might have been pretty amazing, but it was also pretty scary as they were as big as the boat (and a lot quicker!)