Message #1142 by: Chris Mansfield
Posted on: Monday 7th of March 2005 at 8:35 am
Subject: Youth Cat

At the present time the Hobie 16 is the youth cat. ISAF are meeting in October? to vote on the next boat (still could be the 16). Until that date the Hobie 16 will continue to be the youth boat and then too and including the 2006 ISAF's to be held in Weymouth.
My own opinion is that even if the 16 is dropped in favor of another boat, the 16 will still be required by youth for some years to come as the entry cost of the competition are several thousand pounds more than a new 16 or double the costs of a good second hand boat.
The other point to remember is that the 16 is sailed world wide by all ages (last years worlds Masters and Grand masters entry was closed early because so many people had entered) the clas assn will continue to run training and racing (TT series) as now. The entry to all this is not restricted to just youth.

Lastly if you are selling your boat the assn knows of one buyer with his pen poised on his cheque book, plus two others who will be buying after Easter.