Message #1066 by: pitchpole pete
Posted on: Monday 20th of September 2004 at 4:55 pm
Subject: avoiding mast

Whenever you capsize or pitchpole, it is usually
apparent halfway through the 'incident' that you will not
make it, and you are going to get wet!
At this point, pick your spot, and jump!
this way you do not wait until the only option is to hit the
mast, bend the boom or go through the mainsail.
Although not hugely stylish, you should be able to avoid
most of the sharp and pointy bits and the hard
unfirgiving bits.

As for staying with the boat, hopefully you will still be on
the wire, even if it has gone slack. First priority is
obviously to unhook asap, but hang on to the handle
when you do so. Use this to get back to boat. If you have
a righting line permanently fixed under the tramp, then
this is a useful rope to hold onto before you can get
anything else.

hope this helps