Message #1005 by: Dave Cooper  (email: [email protected])
Posted on: Wednesday 18th of August 2004 at 6:30 pm
Subject: Taking Tiger forward

This has generated a very interesting set of responses. The association needs input from Tiger sailors including those focusing on F18. All the Committee members are H16 sailors or parents of H16 or Dragoon sailors. Our aim is to help build Hobie and Cat sailing. The association has been very successful this year feeding Dragoon and H16 issues back to Hobie. We can do the same for all types of Hobie. Please make contact. The statements that Tiger sails are poor does not help anyone. Please Please come and join us and help build your association.

My observations in Europe do not support the view that most Tigers sail with non Tiger sails. Personally I consider it fantastic that Tigers can Win in Tiger or F18 straight out of the box from the factory however if you want to have a sail from your favourite sailmaker you can sail F18.