Message #1003 by: Tom Bevan  (email: [email protected])
Posted on: Tuesday 17th of August 2004 at 4:46 pm
Subject: This is for all the cat sailors

Dear Cat sailors,
I am a former Catamaran sailor and my aim is to try and find out what you desire in a catamaran, to try and help improve the Catamaran industry. I would be extremely grateful as a cat sailor if you could give five minutes of your time to answer these questions below.
Could you please e-mail me with the question number and the letter of your answer to [email protected]
Q1 - b
Q2 - a
Q3 - c
Q4 - a
Q5 - a

Q1 Firstly, How old are you?
(a) Under 16
(b) 16 - 24
(c) 25 - 40
(d) 41 - 60
(e) over 60

Q2 Would you prefer your catamaran to be lighter?
(a) Yes
(b) No

Q3 What is the maximum amount you would pay for a catamaran? (the currency stated
below is in Pounds Sterling and US Dollars)
(a) Under £1000/$1770
(b) £1,000/$1,770 - £3,000/$5,310
(c) £3,000/$5,310 - £5,000/$8,850
(d) £5,000/$8850 - £7,000/$12,390
(e) Over £7,000/$12,390

Q4 Is speed, the main reason why you sail a catamaran? (If your answer is no, could you Please comment on your main reason why you sail a catamaran?)
(a) Yes
(b) No

Q5 Would you be interested in purchasing hydrofoils for your cat if they were available?
(a) Yes
(b) No

Tom Bevan

P.S. All comments are welcome.