RE: should i buy a hobie or dart ?
Message #92 by:  James Power
Posted on:  Thursday 21st of March 2002 at 12:22 pm
Well you can hardly expect me to be impartial, since I love Hobie's, I would recommend a Hobie 18. But if you're looking for an 18foot cruising catarmaran, the Hobie Pacific is a great boat, 18", wings, optional spinaker, etc etc. If you're looking for racing class 18 footer, then look no further than the Tiger.

A Dart 18 compared to a Hobie 18 however is like chalk and cheese. You can compare a Dart 18 to a Hobie 16 (in terms and power and speed), and so maybe thats what you might want to consider.

--James B. Power

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