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Posted on:  Wednesday 2nd of June 2004 at 1:51 am
I have a hobie 17 and have sailed it quite a lot here in the US. It is faster up wind than a 16, but slower down wind. It is rated faster, but in my opinion it is just a fraction faster than the 16. We have a good size fleet here on the EAst coast and the boat is fun to sail. Tacking in flat water is faster than the 16.
I also have an FX One and would like to talk to some sailers in the UK that sail this boat. Only a few here in the US and no one to compair tuning with. I really like this boat, it is awsome up wind and down and tacks like a dingy. They are only doing a limited production of the 17 here in the US. Will take orders and when they get a certain amout they will make the boat. I feel it will be out of production in the near future.

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