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Posted on:  Thursday 13th of May 2004 at 5:35 pm
we're about 140kgs totally.i would like to know if that is light enough to get really competitive in a hobie 16 at the world level.i've tried my hand at it,and would really like to sail the hobie 16 on a competitve level.dont have much choice of changing the team,so i'm worried about the weight part.heard 130-135kgs is the zone for this boat.

also,i have seen some racing in the hobies and doesnt look like wind shifts are the key which is quite unlike the monohulls i am used to sailing(420,470 etc).so,what does make a difference?only handling and boat tuning?because tacking isn't exactly the quick in the 16's.i am worried about what i need to be working on as there is any competition where i sail.also,we're prety ok on the wire and generally just keeping t upright.but flying one hull is another hull does fly,but usually with us doing a bit of swimming :-) some help with these things will be really appreciated cause...thanx

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