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Message #757 by:  Ben Cutler-Sharp
Posted on:  Tuesday 27th of January 2004 at 1:23 pm
um here goes but it could get complicated!the simple tip is to rest the top block ontop of the block with the cleat at a 45 degree angle.then take the end of the mainsheet and thread it through the jammer then the middle pulley of the bottom block.(in the same direction as if you were sheeting out).then take it thru the back pulley of the top block and then through the side pulley of bottom block then through the middle pulley of the top block and back down through the remaining pulley, up through the last puley of the top block and the finally take it through the loop on the otherside of the metal plate to the cleat and tie off with a figure of 8 knot.
that may or may not help but if you seperate the blocks by bout 5 cms and hold it taute the ropes shouldnt touch.if not undo it and thread it so it dont!
good luck

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