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Message #707 by:  Ben Cutler-Sharp
Posted on:  Saturday 22nd of November 2003 at 6:46 pm
I agree with you there. of the new 16s we have sold this year (10 or so) none have gone to youths or even regular racers for that matter.No matter what happens with the youth status the 16 will live on.I know for sure that over 90% of the customers on or books at hobie do not race and most do not wish to.Therefore the youth fleet, although it is doing great stuff to the racing side of things, by no means is even anywhere near the entire fleet.16s will live on as what they are - great beach boats for a long time to come.
There is no such thing as a loan of a boat in the catamaran world.even sponsored sailors have to buy the boat.(bar people like Gav Colby!)
Take care, all

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