Replacement Youth Boat
Message #706 by:  Dave Cooper
Posted on:  Friday 21st of November 2003 at 11:16 pm
I am yet another youth parent and you will realise from my name that I am not a mother. I am disappointed to hear the views expressed in your posting and feel I must correct some of your misconceptions.

The committee take great care to make sure we support all Hobie sailors. You are correct when my son leaves the Youth squad I will move on however while I am involved I will focus on what I feel will take the class forward. Please look at what is available to all of the class. Let's get some more adults making use of the training sessions.

You have a very interesting view of how easy it is for the youth to get new boats loaned to them. If you look at the facts the majority of the youth boats were bought second hand and are sailing with original sails. Ben Mansfield is a good example, Chris bought a second-hand boat for Ben which has been sailed well and hard for 2 seasons winning the Youth Nationals and TT twice, The nationals and competing in 2 Europeans, all this with the same suite of sails. Having been involved for 2 years I can confirm that non of the youths over this period have had new boat replacements. The issue has been finding good second hand boats.

Although I am involved as a parent I am also a very keen sailor having sailed and competed in a number of dinghy classes and I now compete successfully in big boats. My observation watching the youths develop over the last 2 years is what a credit they are to the class and their coaches. Since the summer all the class has access to the same amount of training, but few adults are taking up this opportunity.

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