Replacement Youth boat
Message #697 by:  Devon Anderson
Posted on:  Wednesday 19th of November 2003 at 8:25 am
With all the talk of new youth boats, and assesment
regattas being sailed, and trials underway, i hope a
brand new boat is chosen. To land the youth title on a
strong existing class has proven to be the death knell
for such classes, with self respecting adults leaving in
droves from the rank and file and committees in favour
of adult competition elsewhere. When the youth circus
leaves Hobie, what will become of the fleet? A few
stalwart adults, no committee, as it is run by youth
mothers who will no doubt set up the new association
of the 'lucky' class.
A youth understandably wishes to move on when a
youth no more, so there is no building for the class
future, and few adults will join a youth dominated class.
the second-hand value od 16's has been halfed, with
youths given, lent or bought new boats regularly,
flooding the secondhand market for a small class,
leaving many owners trapped with an undervalued craft.
I would consider a return to the Hobie if it's heyday
Hopefully sanity will return, and Britain's youth can
progress to winning status on a true youth boat without
upsetting the keen but important amateurs out there.


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