Need Advice on Painting Hobie 16...(FeedBak Pls!)
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Posted on:  Monday 14th of July 2003 at 9:38 pm
Last year the Hobie i had to buy...had some minor injuries.. (long story)

Now i totally sanded the 3 coats of (different) paint that the previous owner wrecked it with...(not sailor material)

Now I don't know what to paint it with? I was Thinkin OF a Black (Metallic) colour, to give it a nice spark....also to give anybody on the beach a nice ass burn from tryin to sit on my Cats arn't built for sitting anywaYz.

So what should i do...Pls give me some feedbak..
The main point is...i have it all sanded down, i just don't know how or with what i can paint it with? The Previous guy used Car Paint... I kno this cause it chipped off the boat.. Is their a marine gel coat or somethin like that for long lasting water resistance?



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