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Posted on:  Wednesday 11th of June 2003 at 7:09 pm
Yeah you can get through with the chainferry but be very careful in lighter winds as with the strong currents youll have trouble judging gaps etc.

As for boats from 1988/1989 i wouldnt pay much over a thousand for them. For 3000 look for a boat with a trailer and catrax (youll need the big wheels for sandbanks) from the 1997-2000 sort of timescale.Beware that the sail number means nothing on a 16 as each mainsail has a different number rather than the boat. look for the id plat on the rear beam.
In fact a friend of mine who was in the youth squad is looking to sell his for that sort of money. Its in good nick with a west mersea trailer, cattrax, quite a few spares including sails, and hull covers.It might be just what you want.email me for his details if your interested.
Hope that helps

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