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Message #514 by:  ben
Posted on:  Tuesday 3rd of June 2003 at 6:36 pm
wen i fitted one to the hobie centres 16 the biggest problem i found was getting enough tension the drawtrsing on the end of the bag that fits over the composite mouth. when i fitted i got 2 of us to make sure the knot held tight enough and the used it several times and retensioned it. After a week or so once its stretched itself in u will ned to retension it again. If you dont when you drop the kite it will take it off the mouth.
Tie the tail of the shute to the dolphin striker but not so tight that there is wear on the shute from the retrival line.
Other things to do is to lube the shute and bag and pole end before every sail to reduce wear on the kite.Also make sure the bridal and jib tack fittings are thoroughly taped up every time.And becareful with the composite mouth as they are fragile.
Hope that helps and most of all enjoy

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